LFP Farmers Market Welcomes Good Dogs on Short Leashes

The issue of dogs at farmers markets is a hot topic these days; LFP Farmers Market is selling leashes and promoting a photo contest

The issue of dogs at farmers markets is a hot topic these days.  To welcome canine companions, or to ban them?  This is the question many sponsors weigh as markets become more popular, and increasingly crowded.  While Lake Forest Park's Farmers Market may still allow dogs, The Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance has never allowed them, and the Edmonds Market has just decided that fido is no longer part of the mix. 

Recognizing how important it is for humans to take full responsibility for their animal companions, the Lake Forest Park Farmers Market is taking another approach this season.  We have always welcomed dogs, but we are beginning the process of banning flexi-leads, those expandable leashes that allow dogs to explore, and in crowded places like farmers market, to wrap around shoppers legs, get too close to other dogs, and create all kinds of unintentional havoc.

Our policy insists that people keep their dogs on short leashes while they shop at the market, that they and pay close attention to what is happening at the end of those leads.  To make this fun for everyone, we are now selling leashes made especially for the market.  Four-feet in length, sturdy enough to hold a Great Dane, but long enough to walk a Chihuahua, each is inscribed with the message “I am a good dog at the Lake Forest Park Farmers Market.” 

They cost only $7, and come with a treat for the good dogs whose thoughtful humans purchase them.

To promote good citizenship on both ends of the leash, we are sponsoring a special photo contest this season.  People who take pictures of their best dog friend wearing a stylish new leash from the Lake Forest Park Farmers Market can enter to win a doggie gift basket from . There are two categories, and we encourage people to enter either or both with: one picture of their stylish dog wearing a market leash at the Lake Forest Park Farmers Market, and/or one picture of their canine model sporting a market leash out in the world.

Interested humans, and their dogs, can stop by the Friends Information Table to buy a leash, and get more information.  Then, participants can take some great pictures, and send the best with their name, dog’s name, address, and phone to programs@thirdplacecommons.org

Photo contest winners will be announced on October 21 on the last day of our regular season. The Lake Forest Park Farmers Market is open on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.  And yes, good dogs on short leashes are welcome.






NFMA August 01, 2012 at 05:25 PM
Actually, the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance DOES allow dogs at the following markets: Broadway, Columbia City, Lake City, Magnolia, Phinney and West Seattle. The one NFMA market that does NOT allow dogs is the University District Farmers Market. You can verify this at http://www.seattlefarmersmarkets.org/markets (scroll down the page a bit to read the dog policy).
Tu-Ha Nguyen August 01, 2012 at 08:07 PM
NFMA: Thank you for this great info. Myself and other pet parents are grateful for this clarification. Keep the info coming ok? Thanks again.
Barb Swan August 01, 2012 at 08:07 PM
As a LFP resident I appreciate being allowed to bring my dog - who, I may add, is always on a short leash. We live in a walking neighborhood and if I was not allowed to bring my pooch I probably would not make my weekly jaunt down to the market.


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