Shorewood iPad Program a Success Despite Some Thefts

The iPads at Shorewood have been received well by students and staff members.

This school year, Shorewood High School distributed approximately 1400 iPads to their students, in place of the Macbooks that have been used since 2006.

Shorecrest students are still using Macbooks.

The iPad distribution, which ultimately cost the school district $1.03 million, was the result of a 4-0 vote by the Shoreline School Board.

Last week, at the school district’s three month check-in, positive feedback was given, from teachers and students, about the iPad program.

Although some students are having difficulties adjusting to the touch screen keyboards, the tablet computers have been received well by the students, especially in regards to their portability and battery life.

Since the iPads were distributed, there have been approximately 50 iPads lost due to theft, including three that were stolen last week, said Craig Degginger, the Public Information Officer for the Shoreline School District.

When iPads are stolen, students pay a $45 fee that includes insurance coverage. Accidental damage or loss of iPads requires a $100 deductible, to be paid by the student.

Damage or loss that is the result of abuse or negligence, such as liquid spills and leaving the device unattended, are not eligible for an insurance claim and may require a payment of approximately $500.

The thefts are reported to the Shoreline Police through the School Resource Officer and, on occasion, some iPads are recovered.

Shorewood’s staff makes frequent reminders to students that they must not leave their iPad unattended at any time and, despite the number of thefts, over ten per month, the losses are less than those experienced in the first year of the laptop distribution in 2006.


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