Shorecrest, Shorewood Video Students Win Film Festival Honors

The winning videos were also featured at the Shorecrest/Shorewood Film Festival on May 23.

Shorecrest and Shorewood students received Awards of Excellence at the Northwest High School Film Festival held May 22 at the Cinerama Theater in downtown Seattle.

The winning videos were also featured at the Shorecrest/Shorewood Film Festival on May 23.

From Shorecrest:

Award of Excellence:
Sheared Art Film: Elliott Fisher and Alex Ramsey
Cycling Club Commercial: Elliott Fisher and Alex Ramsey
Social Experiment Documentary: Nicoli Wytovicz

Honorable Mention:

Senior Spirit Event VIdeo: Katie Kercheval
Shorecrest Football SCNN Commercial: Nicoli Wytovicz
Freaks and Geeks Commercial: Nicholi Wytovicz
Animation: Surafel Mamo
Anti Texting PSA: Elliott Fisher and Alex Ramsey

From Shorewood:

Award of Excellence:

Alvin Cao for his "Shorewood Summer School" documentary and for "The Declarative Ghost" movie trailer.

Nicole Holguin and Nicky Smit for their participation in "The Declarative Ghost"

Honorable Mention: Alvin Cao for his art film "Loss"

In addition to the awards above, Davis Law Group has announced that Alex Ramsey and Elliot Fisher, creators of the "Texting While Driving: What are your Odds?" video, are the high school division winners of the 2012 Viral Video Scholarship Contest.

Alex and Elliot's video, which garnered almost 600 likes on Facebook, was viewed over 2,000 times on Vimeo and was the most viewed video on the dlglawfim.com website, creatively illustrates the odds of certain events occurring in a person's lifetime, one of which being a car accident that is caused by cell phone use.

"We decided on texting while driving because it is an increasingly pertinent issue for our generation," Ramsey and Fisher said. "While drinking and driving and other safety issues are always good for the public to keep in mind, texting while driving is an issue that needs more attention."

The duo enlisted the help of several classmates to appear in the video, which features images of teens up-close as the odds of a particular event appear on the screen. Ramsey and Fisher have since created a small video and photo production company, called Sunderside Studios.

"Video has been a large part of our lives since 2007, and will continue to be," they added.

The award will help Elliot pay for his University of Washington tuition as he begins to work toward a degree in bioengineering. Alex is still a junior at Shorecrest High School, and he hopes to pursue a degree in business and study abroad after high school.

Source: Shoreline School District.


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