King’s High School Wins State Robotics Championships Again

The team will head to the world championships for the fourth straight year.

The CyberKnights of King’s High School in Shoreline are headed to the world championships of robotics after winning the FIRST Tech Challenge Washington State Championship.

The team was among 24 high school teams at the Jan. 12 competition at Bellevue College, where they won the tournament as well as the Inspire Award, which recognizes excellence in robot design and teamwork.

Here are more details from a statement about their achievement:

Teams competed in the “Ring It Up!” challenge, where they were assigned to work with one other alliance team and robot. Two team members and an onboard computer controlled each robot, which earned points by placing plastic rings on a three by three peg grid. Additional points were available if weighted rings were placed on specific pegs, and if the team’s robot was able to pick their alliance robot off the ground. The CyberKnights faced real-time problems when the robot’s onboard computer froze in the second to last qualifying match, requiring the team to repair the system in just minutes.

At the FTC World Championship in April, the CyberKnights will compete against 128 high school teams from the United States, Canada and Mexico in the same “Ring It Up!” challenge, and will defend their top four finish at last year’s competition. Students who participate in FTC are eligible for the FIRST Scholarship Program, which officially recognizes the technical and life skills gained from these competitions.

 Team members, their grade and position on the team are:

Zoe Anderson


Engineering Notebook, Robot Driver

Devin Caplow-Munro


Team Lead, Lead designer

Dalton Caughell


Software Lead: Kinematics Programmer

Danny Helms


Mechanical/Manufacturing, Arm Driver

Jack Kim


Software: Swerve Drive Programmer

Josh Lee


Electrical, Mechanical/Manufacturing

Josh Pearson


Lead Researcher, Mechanical/Manufacturing

Sarah Rudberg


Mechanical/Manufacturing, CAD



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