Goss, First Woman Mayor in LFP, Leads by 228 Votes, Thompson Concedes

Former Councilwoman Goss says a change in leadership was needed, while Thompson blames Gov. Watch political committee for spreading, "misinformation."

After a tough campaign showed an often divided Lake Forest Park, former Councilwoman Mary Jane Goss is still leading deputy mayor Dwight Thompson for mayor of the 12,500 person city as of Thursday afternoon.

Goss, who led Thompson in the primary, is still well ahead by 6.5 percent points, and 228 votes. As of 4:30 p.m. Thursday, Goss had 53.12 percent (1,862 votes) to 46.62 percent (1,634 votes) lead in the general election race to replace the retiring Dave Hutchinson. The mayor's job pays $36,000 a year. 

"I'm pretty happy about that," said Goss, Wednesday, who was nursing a fractured sternum she received after a slippery fall while campaigning. 

Thompson conceded Thursday evening, congratulating Goss before the City Council meeting and sending an e-mail out to his supporters thanking them.

Thompson said Tuesday night, that the results, "were not encouraging." His campaign continued a get-out-the-vote effort tonight up until 7 p.m. and wanted to wait and see today's results but it appears he will come up short.

Thompson blamed the LFP Gov. Watch political committee, which consisted of people who opposed the city's levy lid lift, Prop. 1 in 2010, of providing "misinformation" to voters.

"I think obviously the Gov. Watch piece (mailer) and misinformation they provided is seen in the results tonight," he said.

Goss said, "I think we need a change in leadership and that's why I was running."

Gov. Watch endorsed Goss, Brian Cathcart, Jeff Johnson and Tom French and it appears all but Cathcart are headed for victory.

"We are gratified that the people of Lake Forest Park realized that change is necessary," Gov. Watch Chairman Steve Plusch said. "The challenge for the potential new Mayor and Councilmembers is to step up and work hard to make Lake Forest Park the best city it can be while living within current revenues and respecting the priorities of our citizens. I am confident that they will do so."

As for Gov. Watch, Goss said, "These are  group of citizens in his own city. I think the response (Thompson) gave them was pretty surprising."

Goss last served on the Council in 2005. 

"Six years is a long time ago," she said. "I have faith that the people that are elected can work togeher and get us back on track. " 

In the Council Position 2 race, incumbent Catherine Stanford, a business consultant, widened her lead with Wednesday with 52.97 percent of the vote (1,711 votes) to the 46.81 percent (1,512 votes) of investment manager Brian Cathcart.

Political newcomer Johnson, an auto shop owner, lead shrank a bit but he but still leads pharmacist Chuck Paulsen by nearly six points with 52.86 percent (1,710 votes) to 46.96 percent (1,519 votes) in the Position 4 race.

In the Position 6 race French, the challenger and business consultant, led incumbent Ed Sterner, a lawyer, by more than three points and 118 votes, 51.65 percent (1,672 votes) to 48.01 percent (1,554 votes).

So far 3,644 ballots out of 9,408 registered voters have been counted or 38.73 percent of that possible total. King County turnout was estimated at 52 percent. 


Candar November 12, 2011 at 01:11 AM
Jean, Thank you, but I think I can find my own way to factual information without the help of gov watch. Its "Voter Alert"!!!! flier to help me make an informed decision (Vote for mjg, et. al) was in fact disseminated to myself and my immediate neighbors - in our mailboxes without the benefit of any postage paid. I read a letter from the president of gov watch that there was not enough time to mail a response to Dwight Thompson's rebuttal of earlier gov watch statements. Note to gov watch - it is ILLEGAL to place anything, including fliers, in the mailbox without proper postage affixed. The fine is up to $10,000 for an organization. Maybe gov watch needs some watching! Candar
tippy November 12, 2011 at 08:27 PM
Hey William, I hope you took all of my comments in the spirit intended. I'm happy with our election results (generally), and I was just having fun after that. It would be fun to talk with you sometime and enjoy the great debate. But I wanted to be sure you know I was poking fun and wasn't intending to be at all contentious. We fought the good fight on this forum, and I have nothing but respect for your diligence. Hope all's well with you, too. Tippy
William Johnson November 13, 2011 at 05:17 AM
Tippy, I appreciate the follow-up and clarification. I think it's difficult sometimes to know what others are getting at, their intentions, humor, etc. when all you have is the written word, i.e., we don't have the benefit of a visual (facial expressions) or an actual person's voice to help us know where someone else is coming from. I think I missed the humor. Yes, I would also enjoy talking some day in person. I agree (fighting the good fight), and it was great to have your input as well. I'd like to think our comments added something to the debate. Thank you for your kind words. Best wishes, Bill
Jon Snow November 14, 2011 at 03:14 PM
Great discussion on both sides! First time caller. 10 yr. res. Little help? Is there a site that lists our councilperson's party affiliation. I read the election handouts and went to the given sites. I'm not on Facebook. Didn't yield enough on Google. Again, nice debate.
William Johnson November 14, 2011 at 03:25 PM
Jon, Can't help you with that, unfortunately. Perhaps others have this information. I will suggest that I would be extremely surprised to learn that any of them self-identify as Tea Party candidates, though some have obviously suggested that GovWatch aligns with their talking points.


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