Town Center Subarea Plan reaches final stages

After four years, the plan moves toward final approval by the Shoreline City Council.

The Shoreline City Council is reaching the final steps of a plan for attracting developers to the center of Shoreline. The “Town Center Subarea Plan” would set up development standards for businesses building between 170 St. and 188 St. along Aurora Ave. and the surrounding streets.

The main goals of this plan are to redevelop central Shoreline and help to encourage businesses to come to Shoreline. Along with this they hope to encourage development of a new residential living complex in the Town Center.  Many of the proposed changes work to try to make the Town Center more pedestrian and transit friendly, and to encourage more shopping in the area.  

While the City Council can’t mandate buildings actually changing, they do have control over street construction. The plan says that these streets would help attract more businesses into developing in Shoreline and make it easier for people to get around.

The Town Center Plan is now in its final stages before it can become law. This plan has been in the making since 2008 and the Shoreline Planning Commission made their final recommendations last month. Now the only thing left is examination by the City Council before they vote on whether to adopt it or not.

Another part of the Town Center Plan is to renovate the Park at Town Center. Located across the street from City Hall it is a small park along the edge of the Interurban trail. The plan, in its current form, wants to develop it into a more fully fledged park with the possibility of having a farmers market at that location.

While the public comment period for the Subarea Plan has ended, the public comment period for the Park at Town Center is continuing through July 15.  Comments can be filled out here


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