Thompson Top Spender in LFP Races

Thompson's top donors are his family and Bike PAC and local incumbents while Goss' top donors are Washington Association of Realtors, Margaret and Richard Marshall and National Women's Political Caucus

Lake Forest Park mayoral candidate and deputy mayor Dwight Thompson, leads all Lake Forest Park candidates in fundraising in the Nov. 8 general election, according to Public Disclosure Commission documents.

Thompson has raised $28,779 and spent $16,250, and most of that—$13,515—has gone to Olympia-based campaign consultants TR Strategies to produce fliers and other services.

Thompson has raised $13,843 in cash contributions. His largest contributors are his wife, Irene Arden, ($1,600, the $800 maximum in the primary and the $800 maximum in the general election); his mother, Lydia Thompson, ($1,600, $800 in each the primary and general); and Bike PAC ($800). He also has received $500 from Frank the Door Store and $300 each from Lake Forest Park Councilman Don Fiene and $300 from 32nd District Rep. Ruth Kagi (D-LFP).

Thompson’s opponent, former Councilwoman Mary Jane Goss, has raised $21,711 total, with $12,300 in cash. She has spent $14,275.

Her major donors are the Washington Association of Realtors ($1,600, $800 maximum in the primary and general election), her neighbor and LFP Gov. Watch member Margaret Marshall ($1,300, $800 in the primary and $500 in the general election), Richard Marshall ($800, primary) and the National Women’s Political Caucus ($800, primary).

For Council Position 2, incumbent Catherine Stanford has raised $9,552, including $6,035 in cash, and has spent $3,331.

Her opponent Brian Cathcart, has raised $2,525 and spent $1,423. Cathcart’s C-4 form still lacks detailed spending on Schedule A, according to the PDC, which has contacted him about turning that in.

In the Council Position 4 race, Jeff Johnson has raised $4,419 and spent $1,889.

His opponent, Chuck Paulsen, has raised $6,381 and spent $4,914.

Council Position 6 incumbent Ed Sterner has raised $9,709 and spent $7,595.

His challenger Tom French has raised $1,000 and spent $600.

LFP Government Watch, a political committee that has endorsed Goss, Cathcart, Johnson and French has raised $9,688 and spent $6,826. LFP Gov. Watch member Jack Tonkin spent $2,822 for printing and postage for a mailer and $361 for lawn sign tags but treasurer Carolyn Armanini said he would be reimbursed for those costs out of Gov. Watch funds.

William Johnson November 01, 2011 at 02:25 PM
"....$13,515—has gone to Olympia-based campaign consultants TR Strategies to produce fliers and other services." One would hope that by "other services" this didn't include the creation of a mythical LFP resident like "Nick Stewart" who, it turned out late in the game, was found to be a non-LFP resident using a pseudonym? His presence on the Patch as an ardent supporter of Thompson and all LFP city council incumbents was evident in each and every posting. Whether he was directly working for Thompson et al or not, one can rightly conclude that his deceit did nothing to advance the prospects of the candidates he was enthusiastically backing.


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