Special Meeting of LFP Council Called for Thurs. After Mayor's Veto of Property Tax Hike

After Mayor Mary Jane Goss vetoed an ordinance that would have raised property taxes 2 percent, the Council will reconsider the issue at a Thursday night special meeting

After Lake Forest Park Mayor Mary Jane Goss decided Tuesday to veto a 2 percent property tax increase supported by the majority of the City Council on Monday, a special meeting was called for Thursday  for the Council to vote again on the issue.

which takes the legally allowed 1 percent increase plus the banked capacity which is also allowed since taxes weren't raised the last two years. 

To override Goss' veto, and keep the 2 percent increase the Council needs five votes in favor which seems unlikely, since Councilmembers Jeff Johnson, John Wright and Tom French voted against it.

The special meeting calls for the Council to suspend its Rule 17 and reconsider an ordinance that has been passed, consider a veto override and then vote on a new Ordinance 1052 to set the property tax levy for 2013.

What could happen is that the 1 percent increase, recommended by Goss in her 

budget is passed instead, since that has the support of all the Councilmembers except French.


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