Smith on Politics: Where They Stand: Nov. Candidates in the 32nd and 46th Legislative Districts Speak Out

Kagi and Reedy in the 32nd District, Farrell and Siegfriedt in the 46th

In the 32nd Legislative District, seven-term incumbent Democratic State Rep. Ruth Kagi faces Republican challenger Robert Reedy, while one-term incumbent Democratic State Rep. Cindy Ryu faces Republican challenger Randy Hayden.

In the 46th District, appointed incumbent Democratic State Rep. Gerry Pollet faces fellow Democrat Sylvester Cann; two other Democrats, Jesslyn Farrell and Sarajane Siegfriedt, are running for the position that retiring Democratic State Rep, Phyllis Kenney now holds; and Democratic State Sen. David Frockt is running unopposed.

The 46th District includes Lake Forest Park, Kenmore and northeast Seattle.

The 32nd District includes Shoreline, part of northwest Seattle, Woodway, south Edmonds, nearby unincorporated areas of southwest Snohomish County, Lynnwood and part of Mountlake Terrace.

This column will present statements on campaign issues from Kagi, Reedy, Farrell, and Siegfriedt. In future columns, I’ll have statements from the others. Here are statements from four candidates:

32nd Legislative District representative, Position 2:

Ruth Kagi--

“Over that past decade, I have championed reforms in drug sentencing, truck safety, child welfare and early learning. As a result, the state has saved millions of dollars due to drug sentencing reform. The roads are safer due to new safety compliance and secure-your-load requirements. And our child-welfare and early-learning services are more effective and accountable.

“My highest priority in the coming session will be funding education. The legislature needs to increase funding for K-12 education by over $1 billion. I strongly support this and will work on Ways and Means to identify funding for education while assuring that disadvantaged children are arriving at school ready to learn.

“Additional priorities will include legislation requiring gravel trucks to cover their loads, drug treatment for CPS-involved parents, childcare, and strengthening supports for disabled children.  I urge constituents to contact me regarding legislative concerns and ideas.”

Robert Reedy--

“The main issue in this year’s election will be jobs. The current legislature's priorities have been a real problem for working families. People losing their jobs, their businesses failing, their houses in foreclosure, their cars being repossessed, one in six families rely on the food bank on a regular basis, the rest of us taking food off of our own tables to help them. Pensions for state workers in doubt, homeless people living in cars, even in Carkeek Park, yet all our legislature could do is pass gay marriage. How does gay marriage set the dinner table for young working families? Jobs, and a vibrant economy are my ideas of legislative priorities. President Kennedy was right, ‘The rising tide lifts all boats.’

“ I support the 2/3rds majority to raise taxes. My opponent, Ruth Kagi, has said "Majority rules." The 2/3rds requirement is We the People's lobbyist. It protects us.”

46th Legislative District representative, Position 2:

Jessyn Farrell--

• Support for families -- With retirement of several women from the Legislature and the escalating debates over women’s health care, we need fresh energy in the fight for women, families, and children. And we're losing ground – especially in education. I oppose cuts to funding for K-12 and higher education, and will make this a priority in my first term.

• Healthy Communities -- I care deeply about making the region a great place to live, and that means protecting human and environmental health. In spite of the progress we've made, there are great challenges ahead, and I will fight persistent attacks on our state's environmental protections. In addition, I'll keep fighting for new investments in transit, pedestrian and bike infrastructure.

• Jobs, Jobs, Jobs -– That means growing our diverse economic base, supporting small business owners, and encouraging innovation. That's why I support worker training programs and affordable higher education.

Sarajane Siegfriedt--

“My background is in human services. My priorities are to adequately fund education, health care AND human services — education because the State Supreme Court ordered the Legislature to raise $1 billion for Basic Education; health care because we are implementing the Affordable Care Act and setting up the Health Insurance Exchange; and human services because our most vulnerable neighbors have suffered the most from previous $10.5B budget cuts. We need to restore services for our homeless, disabled and frail elderly persons, and for mothers who need quality childcare in order to work. To do this, we need tax reform. For four years I have been working with Our Economic Future coalition to reform our revenue and our tax exemption systems. We have a think tank and some great lobbyists. If Eyman’s 2/3 rule is declared unconstitutional, as I believe it is, we’ll be able to move forward on these initiatives.”


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