Smith on Politics: Ballots, Voter Pamphlets in Mail Next Week

Statements from 32nd Legislative District candidates Hayden and Ryu, and King County Superior Court candidates Perisien and Washington

Ballots, voter pamphlets in mail next week

King County will mail ballots for the Nov. 6 general election Wednesday, Oct. 17, with State and local voters’ pamphlets going into the mail at about the same time. We’ll get two voters’ pamphlets. The State voters’ pamphlet will have material on State ballot measures, on candidates for federal, statewide, legislative and judicial offices. The local voters’ pamphlet has material on county and local ballot measures and the candidates for King County sheriff.


Don't forget to go way down the long ballot

The ballot that will arrive in our mailboxes late next week will have eight statewide ballot measures at the top, followed by the contests for president and vice president, U.S. senator, the short-term and long-term U.S. House positions and the governorship.

At that point, many voters will feel finished, but they'll be only 40 percent through with the ballot. They have eight more statewide offices, two or three legislative positions, six judgeships, the short term for King County sheriff and the local ballot measures. The legislative positions are 22nd and 23rd on ballots in Shoreline and the rest of the 32nd Legislative District; 22nd, 23rd and 24th in the northern part of Lake Forest Park; and 21st, 22nd and 23rd in southern Lake Forest Park and the rest of the 46th District. The one contested State Supreme Court position is 26th or 27th on our ballots, surrounded by four uncontested judicial elections. The one contested King County Superior Court position is 29th or 30th on our ballots, followed by a King County tax levy, the hotly contested race for the short term as King County sheriff, and, at the end of the the ballot in Shoreline, the contentious issue of City assumption of water services that Shoreline now gets from Seattle. There's often considerable dropoff from the top of the ballot down. In the recent primary, 98 percent of voters marked the U.S. Senate race, but only 75 percent voted for the last judicial position on the ballot.

Issue statements from 32nd Legislative District candidates Hayden and Ryu

In the 32nd Legislative District, incumbent Democratic State Rep. Ruth Kagi faces Republican challenger Robert Reedy, and incumbent Democratic State Rep. Cindy Ryu faces Republican challenger Randy Hayden.

The 32nd District includes Shoreline, part of northwest Seattle, Woodway, south Edmonds, nearby unincorporated areas of southwest Snohomish County, Lynnwood and part of Mountlake Terrace.

Four weeks ago, I presented issue statements from Kagi and Reedy. Today, I present statements from Hayden and Ryu. Here they are:

Randy Hayden--

“One of the biggest responsibilities of Government is to spend our money wisely. I believe our elected officials have failed us; that's why I'm running for office. My opponent wants to raise taxes; I want to make our government run more efficient and cut wasteful spending before we consider raising taxes. As the owner of two small businesses I will focus on taking some of the unnecessary regulations off of small businesses. Washington State has the second highest failure rate of small businesses in the nation. By eliminating wasteful spending and helping small businesses we will have a tax base that will be able to support our Schools, Elderly, Handicapped, and those with Drug and Alcohol problems. Good Government balances compassion with responsibility, it's time to elect a leader who will make the difficult decisions that our state is facing.    Randy Hayden State Representative Position 1.“

Cindy Ryu--

“I’ve been honored to serve in the legislature the past two years. I have helped set priorities for our state that will sustain our schools, support small businesses that create jobs, protect our communities and their natural environment, and maintain a safety net for our most vulnerable neighbors.

“Passing laws is not an abstract exercise for I understand how the decisions made every day in Olympia affect the lives of people across the district and throughout our state.  As a former city council member, mayor, and small business owner, I’ve dealt with local needs and concerns.  Local experience and background has guided me at the state level.

“As we move toward economic recovery, we must ensure that our state makes the wisest use of our resources to grow a brighter future.

“I ask for your support to continue our efforts in keeping Washington state moving forward towards sustainable economic recovery.”

Statements from King County Superior Court candidates Parisien and Washington

Only one position on the King County Superior Court appears on the general-election ballot. It matches incumbent Judge Christopher Washington and challenger Susanne Parisien, The two emerged from a four-way primary in which Parisien took 47 percent of the vote to 25 percent for Washington and 28 percent divided between two other candidates.Four other positions were decided in the primary and 48 others had no election because only one candidate filed for each position.Here are statements from the two candidates:

Suzanne Parisien--

In a recent judicial evaluation survey conducted by the King County Bar Association, Sue’s opponent received the lowest rating of any superior court judge in King County. 52% of the lawyers rated his legal decision making as unacceptable or poor.

Winner of the August Primary, Sue is endorsed by The Seattle Times and Stranger and received a rating of “Very Good” from the Municipal League. A former Assistant Attorney General, Sue has over two decades of trial experience.  Additionally, Sue has mediated and arbitrated hundreds of cases for individuals, businesses and the State of Washington. Sue’s experience in the courtroom and as an Adjunct Faculty Member at the University of Washington School of Law prepares her to manage a courtroom that respects jurors and ensures equal access for all.

Committed to community service, Sue is active in her daughters’ schools and is a longtime volunteer cook for TeenFeed.

Christopher Washington--

"I view the duties of a judge to include conducting trials, and hearings efficiently, working diligently to apply the law appropriately, explaining the decisions so that parties understand and accept the court’s decision, and treating all who appear in court with impartiality and respect. I have served as a Superior Court Judge for the last 8 years and practiced as a prosecutor and in private practice for 26 years. I have the endorsement of over 150 legal professionals including over 80 Judges and 7 current and former Supreme Court Justices. I have been rated “Well Qualified” by the King County Bar Association and “Very Good” by the Municipal league of King County.  It has been a privilege to serve you for the past 8 years and I would be honored to have your vote this election."

Forum on marijuana initiative Oct. 21   

A forum on Initiative 502 on the legalization of marijuana is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 21 at 11:30 a.m. at the Richmond Beach Congregational Church. The forum will be in Pilgrim Hall in the basement of the church at the corner of Northwest Richmond Beach Road and 15th Avenue Northwest.



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