Shoreline Council to Vote on Aurora Square Renewal and Marriage Equality Tonight

Council also has resolution on agenda to support approval Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) Levy on Nov. 6 ballot

The Shoreline City Council will be voting on three resolutions at tonight's meeting at 7 p.m. at City Hall, the first meeting since Aug. 13 when the Council took a break for summer recess.

The Council may vote to approve Resolution No. 333 which would establish a Community Renewal Area (CRA) for Aurora Square Area on Westminster Way.

Aurora Square has been in decline for some time according to the city, more than four decades after Sears first opened there as an anchor tenant.

Some businesses there are doing fine such as the popular Central Market and others, but there are several buildings that have been vacant for years. 

The city under the leadership of economic development director Dan Eernissee believes by creating a community renewal area it can assist the multiple property owners of Aurora Square in creating a more vibrant space to do business.

At its Aug. 13 meeting, several Councilmembers indicated support for this proposal.

The Council is expected to support Resolution No. 332 Supporting Approval of the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) Levy on the November 6 General Election Ballot.

The AFIS program is used by the King County Sheriff's Office, including Shoreline, which contracts with the county for police services.

The technology was used to quickly identify and arrest a Shoreline rape suspect who assaulted a 12-year-old girl who lived down the street last December.

Also on the agenda is gay marriage in the form of Resolution No. 331, Supporting Marriage Equality and Approval of Referendum 74.

Mayor Keith McGlashan, who is openly gay, and the Council have already expressed support for gay marriage this year and is expected to do so again in anticipation of the Nov. 6 ballot.


Tom Jamieson September 04, 2012 at 09:48 PM
The apparent homogeneity of our Council is an illusion, created by their holding their real discussions offline, out of public view. I have attended almost every Council meeting over the last year. It's like watching Larry King: all softballs. For the most part, they limit their comments to asking questions, maybe because they want to demonstrate their due diligence, maybe they just have questions. But as for any real dialectic taking place on the dais, don't hold your breath; there is too much ego and political risk at stake. Washington's Open Public Meetings Act is an annoyance. It is intended to be construed liberally, which means they should err on the side of openness. I can tell, you, in 40 plus meetings I have observed, that spirit has never been present.
Bryan September 04, 2012 at 10:59 PM
"Also on the agenda is gay marriage in the form of Resolution No. 331, Supporting Marriage Equality and Approval of Referendum 74." Can someone clue me in as to why on earth the City Council has anything do with this issue? It's not really under their purview, is it? It's just a feel good measure, isn't it?
Don September 05, 2012 at 12:48 AM
Tom Jamieson, your writing style is much more eloquent and politically correct than I can or would ever choose to be. Call me a quitter, at least in trying to vote in a conservative government in this disgustingly liberal Washington State. We have a Governor who cheated her way into office demanding multiple recounts until magically enough votes appeared for her to swindle her way into the office. We have a president whose only focus is getting re-elected by throwing around give away programs to the low income (his votes) and his wife who uses her position to go on lavish vacations at the cost of tax paying Republicans. The liberal philosophy is destroying the financial backbone of this country and the mindless Democrats believe there is no real financial crisis. I won't even bring up Shoreline's liberal government for fear of bringing up my dinner. I look forward to seeing the sad stupid faces once Romney is elected.
Bryan September 05, 2012 at 01:29 AM
Community Renewal Act? Sounds like typical city greed to me. maybe it's not used to its fullest potential but really the city would just like more revenue so let's just call it blighted. It's funny how what is legally considered blighted is a much lower standard than what the average Joe would describe as blighted when asked. What it really comes down to in honest terms is " we could make more tax revenue from someone else so your outta here and we'll make arrangements with some multi-national corporation to move in and pay us the big bucks to do business in the same spot. Wow.
one opinion September 06, 2012 at 06:07 AM
While the councilmembers certainly have the rights to their opinions, I have mixed feelings whether, with plenty of other business to conduct, spending time on weighing in on a ballot measure is an appropriate use of their time, especially one like this that doesn't have direct financial impact. Why not let the voters decide? Other times, at non-council meetings, where they're serving as a representative on a board, I see councilmembers like deer in headlights when asked to express their own opinion on anything that their full council hasn't voted on. I'm bothered by there being no dissension, and I see this in other meetings, but at least there they have committee meetings where typically (in my small sample size) one member seems to be "the one" to give the harder questioning and/or comments, but by the time it reaches the full board, the rubber stamps are out, even though most of the board members weren't on the committee that passed it along! The City Manager form of government was decided, it seemed, because it was believed that an outside party would be more neutral than a "strong" mayor who lived in one part of Shoreline. But, back then, most council races were won with less than $10,000; nowadays, the political party and other money has swelled well past that as a minimum. Some time back then, it was suggested that we have district elections, even a hybrid (some at-large, others district). The thought was districts would = parochialism.


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