Shoreline Council to Hear Budget Presentations from City Departments

The 2013 Proposed Budget totals $67,049,762

At tonight's Shoreline City Council meeting starting at 7 p.m. at City Hall the Council will hear the proposed budgets from most city departments for 2013.

The following departments and department heads will present tonight:

•City Council

•City Manager

•Community Services

•Administrative Services & Citywide

•City Attorney

•Human Resources


•Criminal Justice (Jail & Court)

•Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services

•Planning & Community Development

Presentations from Public Works, including the Surface Water Utility, and on the Capital Improvement Plan for 2013 will be heard at the Nov. 5 meeting.

According to a city staff report, future budget workshops are planned for November 5, 13, and 19. Public hearings for the 2013 budget will be held on November 13 and November 19. The adoption of the 2013 property tax levy and 2013 budget are scheduled for November 26.

Also, the Council will vote on the following items on the consent calendar. These items are usually approved unanimously:

Minutes of Business Meeting of September 24, 2012Minutes of Workshop Dinner Meeting of October 1, 2012

Approval of expenses and payroll as of October 12, 2012 in the amount of $1,213,167.73

Motion to Authorize the City Manager to Execute the 2013 Janitorial Services Contract with Allbright Floor Care for City Facilities in the Amount of $197,460

Motion to Authorize the City Manager to Enter into a 2013-2015 PAWS Animal Sheltering Services Contract

Adoption of Ordinance No. 648 Assigning Open Record Hearings for Street Vacations to the Hearing Examiner

Tom Jamieson October 22, 2012 at 10:26 PM
As the campaign period for Shoreline Proposition 1 nears to a close, tonight might be a good time to ask our City Council why their first review of the draft Major Update to its Comprehensive Plan, which was scheduled for November 5, has just been pushed off until after the election? Could it be because that draft reveals for the first time, the City's intention to take over the Shoreline Water District, something the City would rather keep quiet about, lest it dissuade voters from approving Proposition 1 (which would ratify Ordinance 644: granting authority for SPU Acquisition)? When the last major update to the comprehensive plan took place in 2005, the City Council held a Public Hearing on 3 nights over a one month period; that, following a Planning Commission Public Hearing over 3 consecutive nights in September 2004. This time around, Council has no public hearings scheduled. The City's Planning Commission had only 1. That commission has not published minutes for the past 3 months. The City Council has not published any of its ordinances since February. And to mock the community, the City Council's Goal No. 4 reads: Enhance openness and opportunities for community engagement. And you trust the City has been open about Proposition 1?
Tom Jamieson October 28, 2012 at 02:45 AM
I am happy to report that following my comment of October 22, the City of Shoreline Planning Commission has posted to their webpage the minutes to the 4 meetings they held in August and September (several of these meetings discussed the draft Comprehensive Plan Major Update). Not in time for the Public Hearing on that update, but better late than never, I guess.


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