Sheep, Llamas and Goats Helping Shoreline Manage Vegetation

City’s Surface Water Utility getting help from sheep, llamas and goats

Don’t be surprised if you see goats, llamas, and sheep eating grass and invasive weeds in and around several City surface water facilities over the next several weeks.

The city is working with an outside contractor who is responsible for the care and well being of the animals. A shepherd will be onsite full time for larger sites and part time in fully fenced smaller areas.

This pilot project will test the feasibility and quality of using animals for vegetation management in some areas within the city. Using goats and similar animals allows for a lower environmental impact while keeping costs under control.

If you have questions, concerns or feedback, please contact Senior Engineering Technician Eric Gilmore at 206-801-2454 or egilmore@shorelinewa.gov.

Source: City of Shoreline

Wittenberger family May 20, 2012 at 09:47 PM
Environmentally friendly and less expensive solutions are always welcome by many of us Shoreline residents. Thank you to this environmentally responsible taxpayer friendly solution.
Kelly Hawkins May 28, 2013 at 06:50 PM
This is a wonderful idea, both environmentally, fiscally, and aesthetically. Who doesn't love watching goats wander around? My daughter recently pointed out some goats wandering in an enclosed public utility area in another city and we sat for at least twenty minutes watching them. Thank you for doing this in our own city, Shoreline!


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