Sequoias Cut at Shorecrest: School District Responds

Removal part of school's modernization project

Editor's note: The following statement from the Shoreline School District was submitted by Craig Degginger, public information officer for the school district. 

The recent removal of evergreen trees at Shorecrest High School was planned as part of the school’s modernization project. The removal of these trees was clearly marked on the plans submitted to and approved by the City of Shoreline as part of the permitting process for the Shorecrest construction project. The District will be retaining 42 percent of the existing significant trees on the Shorecrest site, more than double what is required by the City. A significant number of replacement trees (Western Red Cedars, vine maples and cherries), as well as additional new landscaping are planned for the Shorecrest site prior to completion.

The Shorecrest plans call for retention of the remainder of the evergreen trees along the five existing tennis courts. Some of the courts themselves have been damaged by tree roots to the extent they are no longer safe for play. The courts will be used for parking and staging during construction. The School Board has approved a feasibility study to determine the future location for the six new Shorecrest tennis courts. 

Janet Way January 05, 2012 at 04:23 PM
What a remarkably wise batch of comments this "answer" from SSD has generated. The wisdom of the public and taxpayers to the Shoreline School District is very impressive, especially on environmental matters. The almost immediate gut reaction, to the shortsighted decision to cut these four stand-out Sequoias, is understandable and should be a wake up call to the District and City of Shoreline. One question to Shoreline School District: how does this shortsighted decision to cut four iconic conifers, that were obviously the pride of this neighborhood, jive with its committment to build "green" or to reduce its carbon footprint? It just doesn't fit the District's self image. But it does fit the image that is becoming clearer every year of this District. Arrogance!
Fran January 05, 2012 at 08:16 PM
The statement that Mr Degginger asserts that the playing surface of the tennis court have been damaged by the trees is untrue. A simple walk on the courts confirms no damage at all on any of the playing surface. There is one slightly raised area with a crack by the gate to the courts.
Janet Way January 05, 2012 at 08:29 PM
As we frequently have experienced first hand, statements made by the Shoreline School District should be taken with a grain of salt at minimum. They also claimed they were going to honor history by evicting the museum and gutting the Ronald School. It's similar to the Bush Administration's phraseology..... "No Child Left Behind" and "Clear Skies Initiative". The Shoreline School District's philosophy seems to be more like "No Tree Left Behind"!
Jamie January 06, 2012 at 10:04 PM
So much for respecting the members of the School Board. When did you become so blaise' about our environment and what draws people to our neighborhood? Ever hear of the "ripple effect"? May you be around long enough to see what all of you have done in your carelessness.
Carol Seslar January 16, 2012 at 06:41 PM
I am sending love and forgiveness to the people who made this decision. Perhaps they could commision some art be made from the wood that was once these beautiful Sequoias. Maybe something beautiful could be made from this. My heart is aching from the loss of beauty in our neighborhood.


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