Public Reminded to Observe Traffic Safety for the Opening of School

Shoreline Police will be doing traffic safety emphasis patrols around the schools as they open this week.

Editor's note: This press release was supplied for the Shoreline School District.

Shoreline Schools open the 2012-13 school year today, Monday, Sept. 10 and the District is working closely with the Shoreline and Lake Forest Park Police Departments to keep our students safe.

Shoreline Police will be doing traffic safety emphasis patrols around the schools as they open this week. In Lake Forest Park, the traffic safety photo enforcement cameras near Brookside and Lake Forest Park elementary schools will be activated.

What exactly is a school zone?

A school zone is defined as the 600-foot area between two designating signs, 300 feet either side of the marked crosswalk. The speed limit is 20 mph and traffic fines double for violations within the zone. The four ways to know if you are in a school zone are:

* When children are present

* From 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

* When flagged

* When marked by a flashing beacon

Safety tips that will keep our students safe are:

* Always cross the street at intersections, using traffic signals and crosswalks and utilizing school safety patrols and crossing guards when they are posted.

* Walk on sidewalks and paths wherever possible, not in the road.

• Do not run into the street or out from between parked cars

• Do not text or talk on the cell phone while walking—pay attention to traffic and your surroundings

* Children on bikes should be wearing helmets and cross at crosswalks

Safety tips for drivers are:

* Make sure all of the lights and safety equipment on your car are in good working order

* Be alert and pay attention to pedestrian traffic, restrictive signs and speed limits

* Make sure all occupants are properly secured in seatbelts, booster seats, and car seats as necessary. If your child wears a backpack, do not allow them to do so while sitting in the car as this will hinder the effectiveness of their passenger restraint device.

* Remember you must come to a full stop when the school bus is loading or unloading children. This applies whether you are behind the bus or approaching it from the opposite direction. The bus driver activates a warning signal, usually flashing lights and a "stop" sign, to let you know when you must stop. The warning stays active until all the children are either safely loaded on the bus or have safely crossed the street. It is important that you stay stopped until the school bus starts moving again.


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