Man Arrested for Assault After Trying to Knock Bicyclists Off Bikes Near Burke-Gilman

The following blotter items and information from Sept. 3, 2012 through Sept. 8, 2012 were selected from the Lake Forest Park Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction. Please note missing dates means nothing to report.

On Sept. 6, a man in a white shirt and tan pants wearing two backpacks swung a backpack at two bicyclists and tried to push them off their bikes near the Burke-Gilman Trail near Ballinger Way N.E. and Bothell Way N.E. The man was arrested for assault at Third Place Books.

September 3

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: Someone reported that three males were jumping out in traffic at Bothell Way N.E. and Ballinger Way.

DÉJA VU CUSTOMER REFUSES TO PAY: A Déja Vu dancer claimed a male customer owed $680 and was refusing to pay. Both parties agreed to an agreement of $200 and separated.

September 4

VEHICLE PROWL: A woman in the 16200 block of 39th Ave. N.E. reported a GPS was taken from her unlocked vehicle.

VEHICLE PROWL: Someone smashed out a front passenger window of a Honda Pilot parked in the 4000 N.E. 174th St. and stole a backpack. The backpack was recovered down the street with nothing missing.

September 5

STOLEN BIKE: Someone stole bike of the reporting person's daughter in the 3000 block of N.E. 178th St. 

September 6

FIGHT: A woman called police from the back side of Lake Forest Park Towne Centre, 17171 Bothell Way N.E., after a conflict with another driver. She was blocking the drive-thru at Starbucks and the other driver got upset because the woman told her she'd have to wait a few minutes. The other driver parked to block the woman who called police and so she could not get out. The other driver was sitting in her car. Dispatch heard the woman who called police yell "What!" and then the line disconnected and it sounded like she was yelling at the other driver. When the woman was back on the line she said the other female driver punched her in the nose. 

BURGLARY: After arriving home in the afternoon a homeowner in the 15600 block of 38th Ave. N.E. reported that the downstairs apartment of the story house was broken into. 

September 7

DAD IS A DRUG ADDICT: A daughter in the 17400 block of Ballinger Way N.E. wanted to report that her father is a drug addict and recently left rehab prior to finishing detox. The father owns two restaurants jointly with her mother. She wanted to know if he could be kept away from the restaurants so he wouldn't take money to buy drugs. Police advised that he had a legal right to be in a place he owned and her mother should consider a court order. The daughter was upset that police could not help her at the time.

PITBULL ATTACK: A male reported that he was attacked by two pitbulls in the 4500 block of N.E. 201st Place.

September 8

PITBULL ATTACKS SMALL DOG: An unknown white man about 5-food-8, that looked like a body builder was at Horizon View Park with three pitbulls and one of them attack another man's small dog. The owner of the pitbulls just laughed it off. The man who reported it called animal control but did not have any information that would identify the dog owner. Police advised the man if he aw the pitbull owner again they would try to ID the pitbull owner.

WOMAN SAYS SHE'S OF THE DEVIL: Someone reported that a woman in the 17400 block of Ballinger Way was yelling scripture and told the person she was of the devil.

LIQUOR THEFT: Someone stole two bottles of vodka worth $700 from Albertson's.


Rob M September 15, 2012 at 04:58 PM
Man, that must be some great vodka.


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