Metro Transit Forming Community Sounding Board in Shoreline, North Seattle Area

Metro Transit gathering advice to improve bus service connections as RapidRide E Line starts in fall 2013

With Metro Transit’s RapidRide E Line starting in fall 2013, King County Metro Transit is forming a community sounding board in the Shoreline and North Seattle area to gather advice to improve bus service connections.

Bus riders who regularly travel routes in that area are invited to help develop service change recommendations for fall 2013. The sounding board will meet 9 to 12 times, from September 2012 to March 2013. Sound Board meetings mostly will be scheduled on Thursday evenings unless a scheduling conflict occurs.

Applications are due by Sept. 3, and can be found at the RapidRide E Line website. For questions or to receive a printed application form, contact Ashley DeForest atashley.deforest@kingcounty.gov, or call 206-684-1154 (TTY 711) or write her at King County Department of Transportation 201 S. Jackson St., KSC TR 0824, Seattle WA 98104-3856.

Starting fall 2013, the RapidRide E Line will travel the Aurora Avenue North corridor between Aurora Village Transit Center and downtown Seattle. The E Line will provide a backbone of new, frequent transit service that other routes in the area can connect to and complement. Working with the Sounding Board, Metro will be considering changes to improve:

•       connections to the E Line

•       bus service in the neighborhoods surrounding Aurora Avenue North

•       connections between transit activity centers such as Fremont, Wallingford, Greenwood, Greenlake, Northgate and Shoreline.

Source: King County 


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