LFP Council Roundup, Jan. 26

Medical marijuana moratorium, house demolition at Town Center Park, lobbyist for McAleer Creek flooding and North Sound Metro SWAT/Crisis Negotiating Team approved

The Lake Forest Park City Council by a 6-0 vote passed an ordinance to create a new six-month medical marijuana moratorium, Thursday night and passed several other consent agenda items.

The Council also approved a $23,398 house demolition at Town Center Park, $11,600 to hire Seattle lobbyist Jake Johnston to help secure federal funding to assist with McAleer Creek flooding and an interlocal agreement for the North Sound Metro SWAT/Crisis Negotiating Team. All passed by a 6-0 vote. 

In response to questions from the Council and some criticism during public comment regarding the house demolition at Town Center Park, Public Works Director Frank Zenk said the house was slated for demolitionfor several reasons.

Other possibilities included using it as a fire department house burn exercise, having someone live in it or moving it. 

The house burn idea was not pursued because some of the materials would be salvagable such as concrete and there is absestos inside and burning that, "we felt was not in the best interest of the community," Zenk said. "We feel we get more bang for the buck as a recycle/demo."

Moving the home was ruled out because there are cracks in it and, "it didn't look like it would go very far," Zenk said.  

Councilmember Bob Lee said it's also uninhabitable because it sits on a flood plain and in heavy rains it is surrounded by water. 

Councilmember Sandy Koeppenol was present for the study session concerning the Feb. 3-4 Council retreat and a presentation on a solar panel project for City Hall, but was not present and did not vote during the regular meeting.

During the mayor's report, Mayor Mary Jane Goss praised the public works director Frank Zenk and his crews for clearing the streets during the recent snowstorm, as did resident Carol Dahl during public comment.

Also during public comment, Myra Gamberg of Lake Forest Park Government Watch suggested that the city adopt a budgeting system similar to the city of Vancouver, Wash. to ensure long-term sustainable budgets. 


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