Letter to the Editor: Retired Ronald Wastewater Manager Questions 2013 Ronald Budget

The Board should be looking at ways to reduce the $11.15 per month per customer equivalent

To the editor:

This proposed budget for the Ronald Wastewater District does not favor the ratepayers. The Board should be looking at ways to reduce the $11.15 per month per customer equivalent. The duties of the Commissioners and staff have not increased but the expenses have. There are no annexations of new areas; it is an established district which needs maintenance over site without frivolous spending.

Do you know that their 2013 budget includes $111,500 for monthly mailers? 

Do you know they already have a web site that could provide all of this information? 

Do you know they have the ability to write messages on the bills that they send out? 

Do you know they are having free community lunches the 3rd Friday of every month? 

Do you know they are spending $4,000 for a conference room upgrade and $2,000 for an administrative chair? 

Do you know that they have an approximate $6 million dollar repair and replacement fund? 

Do you know that they have net revenue from operating of $1,862,712? 

Do you know that after covering their CIP for 2013, they have net revenue of $698,168? 

Do you know that the District operated for 60 years with three Commissioners and only added two more when one of the Commissioners lost the election and he was appointed back? 

Do you know the salaries and benefits that these commissioners and their families earn? 

Do you know the salaries of their management team? 

Do you know that their travel expenses have increased as follows: 2011 $12,905; 2012 21,800; 2013 $36,000? 

Do you know with good management they could reduce the District charge which would help subsidize the added treatment costs which are 
increasing another $3.69 a month per customer equivalent to $39.79?

Learn how your sewer rates are being spent and be sure you have the facts. Learn the terms of the interlocal agreement referred to in this notice and the fact that it was signed by two of the current commissioners.

Respectfully submitted, 
Sis (Sydell) Polin 
Retired General Manager of Ronald Wastewater District

Tony Dondero December 01, 2012 at 02:54 AM
The budget can be found here: http://www.ronaldwastewater.org/downloads/budget%202013.pdf The district also raised its monthly rates 6 cents to $11.21 a month from $11.15 at its Nov. 20 meeting.
sydell polin December 01, 2012 at 04:21 AM
The total new rate from Ronald per residential customer equivalent per month is: District $11.21* King County $39.79 Total $51.00 District 11.21* Edmonds $24.14 Total $35.35 *Low Income Sr. Discount KC Total $25.50 Low income Sr. Discount Ed. Total $17.67 sisp
Wendy DiPeso December 01, 2012 at 09:19 PM
So according to the rates listed above District collects $11.21, King county collects $39.79. So King County receives 78% of the total bill. King County collects 78% of our money but no one is complaining about King County? One would almost think there is a campaign to discredit our very efficient Public Utilities so the public won't complain when the City of Shoreline takes them over.
sydell polin December 02, 2012 at 05:17 AM
This doesn't deserve an answer. You have your own personal agenda. All your responses iindicate how little you know about the operation of the District and how they spend your money. Apparently, I am spoon feeding you the information. I am just trying to get the public to read the facts and there is a lot to read in that budget. By the way, I have been writing to Ferguson (as the District tells you to do) for years. But how is the District representing us regarding these charges. Their response is that it is just a pass through.
Sheila Long December 03, 2012 at 12:50 AM
Thank you Tony for the link to the budget. All parties in the rates should be held accountable, not just whomever charges the most. A newsletter once every three months should be sufficient unless there is something critical that needs to be disseminated. Critical does NOT include being critical of other entities: it should mean pertaining to construction, planned outages,internal governance changes, items of those ilk.


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