Letter to the Editor: Councilwoman McConnell Urges Yes Vote on Shoreline Prop. 1

The Shoreline City Council feels a responsibility to move the city forward for the good of its citizens, McConnell says. This case is no different.

To the editor:

Please Vote YES for Shoreline Prop 1

And Say Yes to Local Control And Local Investment!

These are some of your Shoreline friends who have endorsed Shoreline Proposition 1 (www.LocalControlforShoreline.org):  ProShoreline, Shoreline Mayor Keith McGlashan and Shoreline Deputy Mayor Chris Eggen. Shoreline City Councilmembers Doris McConnell, Shari Winstead, and Will Hall.  32nd Legislative District Representative Ruth Kagi. Former Shoreline Mayors Ron Hansen and Bob Ransom. Former Shoreline Deputy Mayor Terry Scott.  Former Shoreline City Councilmembers Rich Gustafson and Kevin Grossman.  SPU Advisory Steering Committee members Gretchen Atkinson, David Harris, Joseph Irons, Lee Michaelis, William Montero, Edith Nelson and Sis Polin.  Melissa Anderson, Jamie Andrews, Wes Brandon, Herb Bryce, Sue Coulter-Armstrong, Craig Degginger, Todd Fiala, Maurice Hamington, Jan Hansen, Paul Herrick, Carolyn Hope, Tiffany Kopec, Sheila Long, Jack Malek, Paul Reed, Mary Reeve, Sophie Scheier, Mike Shelton, Judy Simon, Krista Tenney, David & Roseann Tousley, and LaNita Wacker.

I have studied materials regarding the possible SPU acquisition for the city of Shoreline from the city’s website, Local Control for Shoreline website and the No Blank Check website.  The Shoreline City Council feels a responsibility to move the city forward for the good of its citizens.  This case is no different.  ALL seven of the city council voted to put this acquisition on the November ballot.  Five of us have donated to the campaign that supports this acquisition and all council members have helped behind the scenes in one manner or another.  I believe as a city, we will look back and view SPU acquisition as one of the top accomplishments of this city.

This acquisition ballot measure has been a long time coming and I believe it may be Shoreline’s only shot to break away from SPU.  As we have the youngest “pipes” in their entire system, Shoreline will continue to be on the bottom of the maintenance plan as the rest of the SPU system averages well over 60 years old (reference:  SPU 2013 Water System Plan and Shoreline Water System Engineering Review on city’s website and in Prop 1 information brochure, sent to all Shoreline residents in mid-October). 

It doesn’t matter that SPU has reinvested some money back into Shoreline. It’s not enough and it’s not our fair share. After acquisition, all Shoreline revenue will be reinvested back into Shoreline. Experienced utility workers will be hired, not retrained staffers with little background in utility work. That’s just common sense.  

Why VOTE YES for Shoreline Proposition 1?

•Shoreline ratepayers west of I-5 will have 100 percent reinvestment back into Shoreline infrastructure.

•Voters specifically mandate the acquisition price (refer to ballot measure in Voters Pamphlet).

•Your water bill will NOT increase because of acquisition (refer to specifics in the ballot measure).

•Shoreline will implement a “main replacement” program, thereby improving the system.  SPU does NOT have a replacement program for Shoreline either now or in the foreseeable future (city of Shoreline website, SPU acquisition link).

•Shoreline will join Edmonds, Bothell, and Everett who operate their own water utility; all at average annual bills lower than Shoreline Water District (independent water utility east of I-5).

•The City of Shoreline has a long history of fiscal responsibility and conservative spending practices.  They have earned the trust of the citizens (source: 2012 citizens survey, city website). 

•The City of Shoreline has THREE directors with previous experience in water utility management who will assist in overseeing transition from SPU.  Experience matters and they have it!

Thank you Shoreline!

Doris McConnell


Mary November 06, 2012 at 07:42 PM
Wow, Don. That comment right there made me happy I voted YES. Even before I read this letter and comments!
Doris McConnell November 06, 2012 at 07:59 PM
Thanks everyone for a lively campaign....and either postmark your ballot now (Bitter Lake office open until 6 PM) or LFP drop box by 8 PM.
Don November 07, 2012 at 04:51 AM
Where do we find the results?
Doris McConnell November 07, 2012 at 06:55 AM
You can find the daily results at King County Elections. With 10,000 votes counted. Shoreline Prop 1 is passing 70%. Thank you Shoreline
Don November 07, 2012 at 07:14 AM


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