Lake Forest Park Passes Six-Month Medical Marijuana Moratorium

Ordinance based on laws based by other cities such as Kent in light of state law which became effective July 22

The Lake Forest Park City Council unanimously passed a medical marijuana ordinance Thursday, July 28 that will put a moratorium on all medical marijuana dispensaries or collective gardens in the city for six months.

The moratorium affects the establishment, location, operation, licensing, maintenance or continuation of medical marijuana collective gardens

The Council follows other cities such as Shoreline in imposing the moratorium in response to the new state law that Governor Christine Gregoire vetoed portions of that became law July 22.

The new state law allows for collective gardens of up to 45 plants that serve up to 10 patients. It's up to cities to decide where they can go.

While Shoreline's language includes on details on zoning where collective gardens would be allowed, Lake Forest Park's ordinance says it "requires time to conduct appropriate research to understand the extend of the changes provided in the new law, to analyze impacts and potential liabilities under federal law..."

Shoreline has Green Hope Patient Network on Aurora Ave. North, a nonprofit club where people with a medical marijuana prescription pay a $20 membership and can access the drug.

Lake Forest Park currently does not have any such operations within its city limits, city attorney Bob Sterbank said. 

The city shut the last one down last December because it was unable to get a business license.


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