Final LFP Election Results: French Beats Sterner by 67 Votes

Three Gov. Watch-endorsed candidates win election

Tom French held off incumbent Ed Sterner in the race for Lake Forest Park City Council Position 6 by 67 votes to earn his first seat in political office in final results posted today by King County Elections.

French ran previously in 2009 and lost to Councilman Bob Lee. 

Three of the four candidates supported by political committee LFP Gov Watch, including French, Mary Jane Goss and Jeff Johnson, won election.

Goss, who served on the Council from 1998 to 2005 held her election night lead to defeat current deputy mayor Dwight Thompson in the mayor's race. Thompson has been on the Council since 1996. 

Johnson likewise held an early lead to defeat pharmacist Chuck Paulsen in the Position 4 race. 

Incumbent Catherine Stanford who beat Brian Cathcart by more than 11 percent was the only candidate Gov. Watch did not endorse that won. 

Of the 9,408 registered voters in Lake Forest Park , 5,964 voted for a 63.39 percent turnout about 11 percent higher than the turnout of King County as a whole. 


Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: * 5964 / 9408 63.39% Mayor
Mary Jane Goss 2968 52.48%
Dwight A. Thompson 2671 47.22%
Write-in 17 0.30% Council Position No. 2
Brian J. Cathcart 2302 44.39%
Catherine Stanford 2874 55.42%
Write-in 10 0.19% Council Position No. 4
Chuck Paulsen 2511 48.56%
Jeff Johnson 2649 51.23%
Write-in 11 0.21% Council Position No. 6
Tom French 2599 50.46%
Ed Sterner 2532 49.16%
one opinion December 01, 2011 at 05:54 AM
Mr. Cathcart failed to have a picture in the voter’s pamphlet. Perhaps this was why GovWatch didn’t get a clean sweep?


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