City of Shoreline Received 60 Weather and Flood-Related Phone Calls Monday

Some flooding of basements reported

The City of Shoreline's Customer Response Team fielded about 60 weather and flood-related calls on Monday as heavy rains and wind swept through the city and Puget Sound region.

People called to report standing water on some city streets because of the rain. About 14 calls related specifically to flooding, mostly on private property in basements, Public Works Director Mark Relph said. 

Relph told the City Council Monday night that three Public Works crews cleaned out catch basins around the city to prevent flooding. The Ronald Bog area proved to be problem for some homeowners with water seeping into basements. The city lent pumps and helped pump out water from a resident's basement near Ronald Bog, he said.

Relph also noted that the Dale Turner YMCA had a flooding problem in its parking lot because an emergency pump had been turned off.

Also, leaves that fall into the street can cover storm drains and block the flow of stormwater into catch basins, which can lead to flooding. The city advises residents if they see standing water in their neighborhoods to clear debris from the storm drains, if they can.

If drains are too flooded for you to clear, residents are encouraged to please call the Customer Response Team at (206) 801-2700.

City Manager Julie Underwood and Relph emphasized at the Council meeting that millions of dollars invested in infrastructure improvements in recent years have helped reduce the negative impacts of such storms, resulting in fewer people calling the city because of flooding problems.


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