City Launches Web Page to Track Environmental Sustainability Indicators

Visit the webpage at shorelinewa.gov/forevergreen.

As part of its effort to become a more environmentally sustainable community, the city of Shoreline has developed a webpage that will allow it and the community to track a wide-variety of environmental sustainability indicators over time. Acting as a bridge between city initiatives and community involvement, the indicators webpage will help the city and residents gauge the community’s progress.

Using the Environmental Sustainability Strategy as a guide, the indicators page is organized into five focus areas: Climate Protection, Natural Habitat, Resource Conservation, Built Environment, and City Initiatives. It is intended to be an engaging way to publicly inventory many disparate efforts, paint a holistic picture, and provide for public education and involvement. The community can track metrics related to City projects, such as environmental benefits from tree planting and natural stormwater management, as well as efforts by residents, such as the number of certified backyard habitats and green buildings constructed. In addition, there will be information on City and community carbon footprints and ways to identify trends so we can all see where our efforts are making a difference and where more attention is needed.

Visit the webpage at shorelinewa.gov/forevergreen. Look for future announcements in the City’s Currents newsletter for opportunities to get involved with projects or make household decisions that will truly make Shoreline an environmentally sustainable community.

City of Shoreline


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