Woman Claims Possible Pregnancy When Confronted by Officer

This story was accidentally omitted from last Saturday's Lake Forest Park Blotter. The event happened sometime between October 1 and October 7. The information is supplied by the Lake Forest Park Police Department.

Reckless driving in Lake Forest Park, WA:  An officer pulled over a vehicle after observing the car travel at 30 mph while in a 40 mph zone.  The officer stated that the female driver was “distraught” when she became face to face with the officer.  She told the officer that she might be pregnant and bleeding.  The officer asked if she wanted medical assistance.  The driver declined.  The officer expressed concern about the driver’s safety and driving ability given the situation.  When asked for a driver’s license, the driver confirmed that she had her license suspended due to unpaid tickets.  The driver received a citation for driving with a suspended license.  The car was parked legally off the road.


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