Woman Arms Herself with Gun When Someone Repeatedly Knocks

The following blotter items range from November 19, 2012 – November 25, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Lake Forest Park Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.

On Nov. 19, a woman in the 3600 block of NE 189th Street noticed someone knocking at her door and became suspicious.  She yelled at the knocker to go away but when the knocking continued she armed herself with a gun.  Her husband found out it was a Shuttle Express driver who was possibly at the wrong address.  The woman was concerned about recent home burglaries in the area.

November 19

NOISE COMPLAINT:  A few people made a good deal of noise at Balaton Condos in the 19200 block of Forest Park Dr NE.  An officer gave the condo unit a warning close to 4 a.m. due to the loud music, pounding and screaming at the party. 

HAZARDS:  The following are examples of a variety of hazards in LFP on Nov 19th:

•There were lines that fell down in the 18700 block of 40th Place NE.   It was not clear if they were power lines, cable or telephone wires. An officer helped to clear the way for the school bus.

•Water covered 522 nearby the Starbucks (17000 block of Bothell Way NE) in LFP.  Officers asked for road closure signs.  Public Works arrived and cleared the roadway of the water.

•A road closed in the 20400 block of 37th Ave NE due to flooding.  It was closed from 37th from 195th to 204th

November 20

FRAUD:  A woman in the 16300 block of 35th Ave NE told police that her sister used her identity in Wisconsin to obtain a payday loan. 

DOMESTIC:  An incident happened in the parking lot of the 14500 block of Bothell Way NE.  A man hit a female in the forehead.  There was more than one witness.  An aid unit arrived to evaluate the woman. She was cleared of any major injury and police officers left her with a domestic violence packet.

November 21

DISTURBANCE:  A man was driving nearby the intersection of NE 184th Street and 49th Place NE at roughly 9:30 a.m. when he saw that a road crew had their truck parked in the middle of the road.  The man asked the workers to move the truck and a work supervisor told the man to “F*** off.”  The man called 911 and 911 dispatchers could hear the man and the supervisor arguing.  The police advised the man to step away.  An officer also told the man to contact police the next time he has a similar encounter instead of dealing with the situation by himself.

THEFT:  An employee alleged that a woman stole items from Sally’s Beauty Supply in the LFP Town Center.  The woman claimed that she purchased the items on a previous day. 

ASSIST:  The Renton police department asked LFP PD to pick up a man in the 3600 block of NE 155th Street because he had an outstanding felony warrant for domestic violence.  The man is a convicted felon from California.  When LFP officers arrived, the man had been drinking for three hours, had a broken leg and a black eye.  The man had military experience but no known weapons.  LFP advised Renton PD that LFP would assist in arrest but the King County Jail would be tough place for someone with broken leg.  Further, LFP was short handed.  The Renton officer said they were in the same situation.  Finally, Renton police took the man into custody.

November 22 

JAYWALKER CLAIMS HE IS FELON:  A man in the 15300 block of Bothell Way NE was warned for jaywalking.  When contacted, the man was somewhat belligerent and confirmed he lived in the Woodland North Apartments.  Somewhere along the conversation, he claimed he is a convicted felon for “selling stolen cars to a cop” to keep his wife out of prostitution.

November 23

SINKHOLE:  In the 17400 block of 37th Ave NE, there was a sinkhole about 2 feet in diameter.  The roads 178th from 37th to Brookside were closed at roughly 1:15 p.m.  The fire department was alerted also. The roads were reopened at approximately 7:30 p.m.

November 24

WELFARE CHECK:  A woman who lives in the 3800 block of NE 155th Place (Shannon Heights Condos) has been screaming at herself for the last three days.  Close to 1:45 p.m., an officer confirmed that the woman would not come to the door but the screaming had stopped.

November 25

DISTURBANCE:  A neighbor in the 18900 block of Ballinger Way NE called to say that a female was cursing and yelling from somewhere nearby.  The police found a 23-year-old woman with a small puncture wound in her arm.  An aid unit was called for the woman. She had been drinking, walking up and down Ballinger screaming and was eventually transferred to Swedish Hospital in Edmonds. 

WELFARE CHECK: A man was walking southbound on Bothell Way in the middle of the road from LFP on Ballinger to Kenmore.  He was described as a white male, 5 foot 10 inches, in his 70s carrying a plastic bag. 

THEFT:  A woman who lives in the Woodland North Apartments reported that her iPhone 5 was stolen from her home.  She believes her sister’s boyfriend took the phone.  The boyfriend did not agree. An officer took the serial number of the phone for documentation.













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