Vandalism Alert: LFP Police Ask Residents to Watch for Taggers

Lake Forest Park and Shoreline police departments are on increased alert for rising "tagging" activity, most recently seen in the Shorecrest area and near Cole Park.

Editor's note: the following is a press release from the Lake Forest Park Police Department.

Interim Chief Kent Baxter is requesting help from citizens in catching a “tagger” who has increased their activity in Lake Forest Park. Tagging is permanent markings on private or public property which is a form of vandalism. “Tagging is a serious crime that diminishes our quality of life and sense of security in our communities,” said Baxter.

The photo to the right is an example of the “Tag”, recently found in the Shorecrest area. The same style of tag was seen on 28th Avenue NE near Grace Cole Park with the word “loophole.” Both areas have experienced tagging in the past. “I expect most activity will continue in this area of the city. Taggers tend to mark their territory,” said Baxter. Shoreline Police have been made aware of this “Tagger”, as they will most likely see activity in their city also.

Please call 911 if you see anyone marking up signs, power boxes, or other property. The Lake Forest Park Police need to be aware of and document any new damage with reports, photos, etc. If you witness someone in the act of tagging, call 911 immediately. The police department would like to determine who is doing this damage and hold them accountable. “When in doubt, call us out” said Baxter.


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