Unknown Suspect(s) Steals Gun from Motor Vehicle

The following blotter items range from October 18, 2012 – October 23, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Shoreline Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.


On Sunday, October 21st at roughly 8:15pm, it was reported to Shoreline Police that a firearm was taken from a car parked on the roadway in 20000 block of 24th Ave NE. Let's hope that the thief and gun are found before anyone gets hurt.

October 18

SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION:  A man who resides in the 2200 block of NE 180th Street is a level 2 sex offender as he was convicted of a 1988 sexual assault of a child.  At some point of the game, the man was relieved of his obligation to register as a sex offender but now he is required to register for two reasons: (a) Washington Laws as of 2010 and (b) the fact that he is aggressive.

LARCENY at SHORECREST HIGH SCHOOL:  The bad guy(s) and/or bad gal(s) took an Ipad from a backpack.  The backpack and Ipad were in a secured, locked locker.

IPAD LARCENY: This incident is related to the 1400 block of NW Richmond Beach Road. Person A loaned an Ipad to Person B. 

Person B said that he left his dad use the Ipad.  Person B said the Ipad was stolen from his dad’s work van.  The police officer spoke to the father of B.  Let’s call the dad, Person C.  Apparently, young Person B lied about his dad using the Ipad because his dad (Person C) knew nothing about the Ipad.

October 19:  Nothing to report

October 20

FOURTH DEGREE ASSAULT:  A man in the 19600 block of Sunnyside Drive (Ballinger Commons Apartments) has been with his girlfriend for four years.  The man used his brute force to push the woman down and then sat on her.

TRESPASS:  A transient person was found sleeping on the property of Sears, 15711 Aurora Ave North.

LARCENY:  An ex-boyfriend’s son stole items from a woman in the 16500 block of NE 27th Ave NE.  He entered the front door and took laptops and an Ipad from the home.

October 21

VEHICLE PROWLER:  A bad guy prowled two vehicles nearby the intersection of N 181st Street and Palatine Ave.  Of the two vehicles violated, a radio was taken from one.

LARCENY:  A bad thing happened in the 1000 block of NW 167th Street.  Six cars were prowled by culprit(s) who entered by breaking windows or simply opening the unlocked doors.  It is unclear what was taken from the vehicles.

LARCENY:  A person opened a door of an unlocked vehicle parked in a residential carport of a home in the 18000 block of Palatine Ave North.  The person took items from the car.

LARCENY:  Culprit(s) shattered a rear, side window and stole a computer bag that was on the rear seat.  This happened in the darkness of night in the 1000 block of N 180th Place.

LARCENY at CRESTWOOD RETIREMENT HOMES:  A victim in the 300 block of N 190th Street was robbed of his/her family heirloom jewelry.  The jewelry was last seen and kept in the cabinet of a bedroom.

INDECENT LIBERTIES:  A person (“x years old”) with mental health issues told police that a man propositioned him/her.  The person called back later and reported that the man had touched him/her.  This happened at The Chateau Apartments in the “X” block of 15th Ave NE.

October 22

DRIVING WHILE LICENSE REVOKED:  A person and car was stopped by police nearby the intersection of N 175th Street and Meridian Ave due to an out of order left headlight.    After further research, the police discovered that the individual was driving with a revoked license.

VANDALISM AT ST LUKE’S PARISH:  Someone used blue spray paint to put graffiti onto the NW corner of the school gym.  The school exists at 322 Palentine Ave North.

FRAUD:  A victim who lives in the 19500 block of 1st Ave NW opened a PayDay loan online.  Roughly 30 days later, the victim received a phone call from a man who claimed to be a staff member of the Washington State Attorney’s Office.  The man said the victim would be prosecuted for check fraud and other charges related to the PayDay loan.

911 HANG UP CALL:  Someone called from a home in the 17000 block of 2nd Ave NE.  They dialed 911 and hung up.  No further information was given.

DRIVING WHILE LICENSE REVOKED:  A person who was in the 1100 block of NE 145th Street was arrested for a third degree offense of driving with a suspended license. 

LARCENY at FRED MEYER:  A person was arrested for stealing items from Fred Meyer, 18325 Aurora Ave North.

LARCENY:  A thief walked into a home in the 1300 block of North 184th Court and stole a laptop.

October 23

DRUNK:  A person in the 20100 block of 21st Court NE (Ballinger Homes) was found in the front yard of a neighbor’s home.  The person had been drinking and was combative.

IDENTITY THEFT:  A man and his wife in the 2100 block of North 155th Street were advised by a financial institution (via a letter from the social security administration) that the changes he and his wife requested were taken care of and a deposit was completed.  That’s good except for the fact the man and his wife never asked for any changes to their account.

FRAUD:  A victim in the 18100 block of 15th Ave NE (Northridge Village Apartments) discovered that a person in Illinois had compromised the victim’s Verizon Wireless account.  Unauthorized purchases were made and material items were sent to an unknown city in Illinois, 600 block of Marcy (not confirmed by police report) Road.

RECKLESS DRIVING:  A person was arrested nearby the intersection of N 170th Street and Park Ave North due to reckless driving.  He/she was booked into Snohomish County Jail.

PROPERTY:  Packaged ammunition was accepted for disposal from Deseret Industries at 17935 Aurora Ave North.

LARCENY at SHORELINE C.C.:  A man (Person A) left his computer while attending class.  When “A” returned, the computer was gone.  It is possible that the incident was witnessed by Person C who said that he/she was present when the computer was taken by Person B.

AUTO THEFT:  A car was stolen from the parking lot of Costco, 1175 N 205th Street.

STOLEN LICENSE PLATES:  Unknown culprit(s) stole license plates and then left them behind at The Aurora Transit Center, 1524 N 200th Street.











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