Unknown Suspect(s) Burn Mitt Romney Sign

The following blotter items range from October 4, 2012 – October 8, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Shoreline Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.

In the overnight or early-morning hours of October 7, an unknown suspect burned a small Mitt Romney sign in the front yard of a residence located on the 19600 block of 1st Avenue N.W. The sign, located near the curb in front of the residence, was valued at $15.

October 4

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: A mother expressed concern about her runaway daughter. She told police that her daughter was in a trailer behind old Sugar's strip club building at 167 Aurora Avenue. Police suspected possible prostitution and pimping involving a juvenile.

PROPERTY FOUND: A loaded gun magazine was found at Doug’s Cadillac, located at 17545 Aurora. The magazine was taken by police for disposal.

October 5

VIOLATION OF COURT ORDERS: A threatening note was found in the mailbox located on the 18300 block of 17th Place NW. The resident’s ex-husband has been identified as a suspect.

October 6

CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE VIOLATION: A driver was stopped for speeding at NE 173rd Street and 3rd Avenue NE. During this stop, another passenger in the car was arrested for possession of ecstasy. A domestic violence no-contact order existed between the two people in the car. The passenger in possession of ecstasy was violating the no-contact order.

TRESPASS: A homeless person was seen sleeping on the campus grounds of Shoreline Community College at 16101 Greenwood Avenue. The person was sleeping in a tent in a wooded area that was part of the Shoreline CC campus.

VANDALISM: Kids in one car threw eggs at a passing car near the QFC market at 600 Northwest Richmond Beach Road.

October 7

OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER: A suspect made allegations of rape in connection with an incident at the Rodeway Inn, located at 14817 Aurora. Video footage and the testimony of multiple eyewitnesses refuted the suspect’s claims, proving them to be false.

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY, FORCED ENTRY: An alarm went off at the Dunn Lumber store on the 1100 block of North 185th Street. The intruder(s) broke into the west door of the store by kicking out the glass of the door.

MENTAL COMPLAINTS: A person was listed as being missing and/or suicidal by the King County Sheriff’s Office. The  person’s wife reported that her husband was acting out on the 19900 block of Sunnyside Drive North, located at the Ballinger Commons Apartments. The man resisted the commands of a sheriff’s deputy who arrived on the scene, and had to be double-restrained. The man was transported to Harborview Medical Center for an evaluation.

MENTAL COMPLAINTS: On the 1800 block of Midvale Avenue North, a young woman cut her forearm with a razor blade “to get attention from mom.”

MISDEMEANOR CRIMINAL WARRANT: Two people were stopped for pedestrian violations at North 149th Street and Whitman Avenue North. One had an arrest warrant and also possessed marijuana at the time. The other person was a known prostitute in an area where prostitution was and is prevalent.

DOG STOLEN IN FORCED ENTRY RESIDENTIAL BURGLARY:  On the 18000 block of 9th Avenue NE, a person broke into a residence by smashing the north garage window and climbing inside the garage. The person gained access to the house, stole the dog that was living inside the house, and left the residence through the front door.

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY, FORCED ENTRY: St. Mark’s Church, located at 18050 15th Place NE, was burglarized. The window from the frame of the door on the east side of the church was removed, possibly with a screwdriver or the back end of a hammer.

October 8

CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE VIOLATION: A person riding a bike near North 155th Street and Corliss Avenue was caught with ecstasy, having already been served with six warrants for possession of the drug.

LARCENY, VALUE OF MORE THAN $250: At Shorecrest High School, located at 15343 25th Avenue NE, three separate iPad devices were stolen.

* One iPad was removed from the victim’s backpack.

* One iPad was stolen while it was left unattended in the school cafeteria.

* A third iPad was taken from a student’s backpack in an unlocked locker located inside the boys’ locker room. The student whose iPad was stolen in this specific case was attending football practice and used the boys’ locker room for that reason.

OVERDOSE: At North 199th Street, a man went to his mother’s apartment just after 10 a.m. He saw his mother lying on the hallway floor, incoherent and with multiple bruises on her arms and legs. The apartment was in a state of noticeable disarray. The man’s mother had apparently overdosed on a combination of prescription medication and alcohol. The patient was taken to the hospital.

OCCUPIED HIT-AND-RUN, NO INJURIES: In the parking lot of the Goodwill store at 14500 15th Avenue NE, a car was struck by a black BMW. The driver of the BMW fled the scene, ignoring the other driver’s requests for information.

LARCENY, VALUE OF MORE THAN $250: At Shoreline Community College, located at 16101 Greenwood Avenue, an SCC student parked her car on the east side of the 2900 building on campus. She left her purse, diaper bag, and a set of boots on the floor board behind the driver’s seat. An intruder broke through the left rear passenger window of the car and climbed into it, taking the purse, diaper bag, and boots.

MENTAL COMPLAINTS: At the Aurora Village Transit Center, located at 1524 North 200th Street, an unruly individual got upset, threatened to kill multiple people in the immediate area, threw keys, and hurled a cell phone.
























































Don October 17, 2012 at 08:23 PM
I knew it! I could have sworn I saw Biden running around with a gas can and laughing!!


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