Unhappy Customer Punches Out Glass Door at Verizon Store

The following blotter items range from October 26, 2012 – October 28, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Shoreline Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.

 On Friday, October 26th at close to the noon hour, a customer who was not happy with whatever situation at The Verizon Wireless Store decided to punch out a glass door.  The vandalism happened at 1255 N 205th Street.

October 26

LARCENY:  A suspect took batteries out of vehicles in the 16500 block of 22nd Ave NE.

AUTO THEFT:  A male victim, allowed a male suspect to borrow the victim’s car.  The car that was “borrowed” was a 2006 Toyota Camry with Washington plates.  The male suspect was simply going to drive from a Shoreline address to Bothell to pick up his siblings.  The male victim has not seen his car since it was “loaned out.”

CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE:  A man was trying to steal items from the Fred Meyer at 18325 Aurora Ave North.  When captured by police, the man had the shoplifted items and controlled substances.

SUICIDE ATTEMPT:  A woman walked into the Hollywood Casino (16716 Aurora Ave North) and shared some news close to 1:00pm.  She announced she had overdosed on prescription medications because she wanted to take her own life.

FOURTH DEGREE ASSAULT:  A victim let her ex-boyfriend into her home in the 2000 block of 21st Place NE.  After entering the front door, the man assaulted her during an argument. 

LARCENY:  Some items were taken from a purse that sat in a staff lunchroom at Shoreline Community College, 16101 Greenwood Ave North.

MORE ASSAULT:  A patient at Richmond Beach Rehabilitation Center (19235-15th Ave NW) suffers from dementia.   This dementia patient with behavioral disorders assaulted a social worker at close to 5:00pm. 

October 27

DRIVING WITH REVOKED LICENSE:  A man was stopped by police at the intersection of N 175th Street and Aurora Ave North.  He was driving with a revoked license.  His car was impounded by Jim’s Northgate Towing.

DUI:  A person was driving while drunk in the bus lane after running a red light.  The person was arrested for drunk driving and given a criminal citation.  The person was stopped nearby N 155th Street and Aurora Ave North.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES:  A man in the 18000 block of Dayton Avenue who had been drinking claimed he was robbed by two suspects.  The police found no evidence to support his allegations. 

FAMILY DISTURBANCE:  An adult brother and sister were engaged in a physical confrontation at The Public Storage on Ballinger Way.

BURGLARY:  A victim who lives in the 1100 block of N 180th Street told police that unknown suspect(s) stole a TV, laptop and printer from the victim.  The culprit(s) forced a window open to gain entry to the apartment.

VANDALISM:  A female suspect slashed a tire with a knife. The suspect told the victim that she would pay for the damage to the victim’s car tire.  The victim who resides in the 2200 block of NE 198th Court did not want to press charges.

VANDALISM:  The Aurora Village Transit Center (1524 N 200th Street) was tagged by someone who used a black marker and a silver paint pen to write illegible words.

LARCENY:  A suspect unlocked a driver’s side door through a cracked window with the intent of stealing items from the car.  Three laptops were stolen from the car parked at The Crest Cinema.  The police confirm that there was nothing sensitive to Homeland Security on the laptops.

MENTAL COMPLAINTS:  A victim in the 19900 block of Ashworth Ave North was involuntarily brought to a hospital after threatening to kill herself/himself.  The suicidal threats involved attempted suicide by pills.

DRIVING WHILE LICENSE REVOKED:  A person was arrested for third degree, driving while license revoked.  Further, the vehicle was impounded due to the discovery of marijuana.  A criminal citation was given to the suspect at the intersection N 200th Street and Wallingford Avenue.

October 28

LARCENY:  A car was parked under a carport in the 19000 block of 15th Ave NE.  Someone broke into the vehicle by smashing out a window on the front driver side with a brick.  It is unclear what was taken from the car.

VANDALISM AT HILLWOOD PARK:  A new MBK tag was found on a downspout and various obscene graffiti was discovered in the men’s room at 19001 – 3rd Ave NW.  The vandalism was photographed and removed.

Don November 02, 2012 at 01:44 AM
Tracy, I should say that I don't condone their breaking the window. I am quite frustrated with Verizon and their service and the fact they won't let me out of the contract. My contract is up in 10 months and I will never use them again. I've got a black 1964 rotary phone I'm going to connect up.
Tu-Ha Nguyen November 02, 2012 at 02:26 AM
@ Don: I empathize with your feelings of frustration. I am NOT a representative of the Verizon company. However, most of my careers involved telecommunications and the wireless industry. Maybe there is something that can be done. These are only questions to help you. If you wish not to answer, that's fine. Just thought I would brainstorm out loud for you. (1) How many years have you been with Verizon Wireless? (2) Did you have good service BEFORE you got the Smart Phone? Or did you recently moved into the area with bad service/bad reception? (3) Have you documented the situation? I mean, get a notepad out and simply jot down the date, time, where you were when you go the dropped call? Does it happen when you are in your garage? Standing by a window? (4) Have you talked to your neighbors to find out which CARRIER they use? What phone they use? If they are happy or not with wireless provider and device? (5) Do you live near a harbor or body of water with lots of boats? Do you have a microwave tower nearby where you live?
Tu-Ha Nguyen November 02, 2012 at 02:28 AM
@ Tracy Tallman: You said , "The best they can do is offer me a cell-phone enhancer for my home - and they say many of my neighbors have them." Questions of curiosity: (a) Define for me what a cell phone enhancer is to you ok? (b) If your neighbors have them why can't VZW help you out with one? (c) Have you ever put IN WRITING your frustrations to the company? Ever reached out to the FCC?
Tu-Ha Nguyen November 02, 2012 at 02:40 AM
Don: Find out what the cost of getting out of the contract is right now on this date, Nov 1, 2012. It could be cheaper for you to pay the "get out of jail fee" than have to pay the monthly dues that must be multiplied by 10 months. Know what I mean? For example, if the "get me out of this contract fee/early termination fee is $350 (I am guessing on the amount ok? Don't quote me) and you have to pay what (let's just throw out a figure) $89 per month before taxes... Pay the early termination fee and get out if you are that unhappy with VZW. One of my last jobs within the Wireless Industry was in education. I hope that big carriers like VZW take more time out to educate the public about their devices and services rather than simply going for a "quick sale." If only the companies would take more time to educate the public. If only the public would take the time to truly LISTEN to what the carriers are saying and take time to read about the services in its complete contract ... If only ... We would have less violence at these stores and more satisfied customers. re: Your black 1964 rotary phone: Glad you have a backup while you are "at home," however, a rotary phone won't help you much when you are (heaven forbid) upside down in the ditch on some less travelled road. Folks forget that the wireless industry is imperfect like all other industries. The companies need to meet their customers MORE halfway and customers need take more time & educate themselves.
Don November 02, 2012 at 04:48 AM
I did. I can't afford to pay it until the end of the year. I appreciate your advice and will probably be doing just that in January when I might have some cash. Thanks for the help.


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