Two Escape as Storm Sinks Two Boats at Downtown Kirkland Marina

A woman suffered minor injuries and she and a man who had been sleeping escaped one of the sinking boats early Monday morning. The large craft were apparently swamped by storm-driven waves.

Two people sleeping aboard escaped as two large pleasure boats sank at the downtown Kirkland Marina early Monday morning, apparently swamped by large waves driven by strong winds, according to the Kirkland Fire Department.

A man and woman were sleeping aboard one of the boats, described as up to 40-footers, and the woman suffered a minor cut to the forehead while escaping the sinking craft. 

“It actually came in as a water rescue call,” said KFD acting Battalion Chief Dana Olson.

“Apparently they had been sleeping aboard and went into the water trying to escape.”

The woman did not need to be taken to the hospital. “She’ll be seeking her own treatment,” Olson said. “Our crews examined them and kept them warm in an aid car.”

Olson said the winds and waves were too severe when firefighters arrived, at about 5:45 a.m. The boats “looked intact, but they’re partially submerged,” he said. “They’re some pretty big boats. I would say 40 feet.”

Three boats were at the marina. No one was aboard the other boat that sank. One of the sunken craft somehow lost part of its transom, the back part of the boat.

Exactly how the two boats sank is not certain.

“I’m guessing they probably took on water because of the wind and waves,” Olson said.

The marina is in downtown Kirkland at 25 Lakeshore Plaza, part of Marina Park.

Seven Kirkland Fire Department crews responded to the call, including two aid cars and a ladder truck.


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