Thieves Steal Antiques, Museum Quality Photos From Storage Unit

The following blotter items range from September 25, 2012 – September 29, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Shoreline Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.


A woman reported on Sept. 25 that sometime during the preceding four months, a thief or thieves picked the locks on her storage unit, entered it, and searched through boxes. The culprit(s) found and stole various antiques, museum quality negatives and photos from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s.

September 25

LARCENY at FRED MEYER:  A manager of the home electronics department brought his computer tablet to work with him.  He left it on the checkout counter while he worked.  Shortly after 10:00 am “an unknown Hispanic male entered the department.”  That was the last time the computer tablet was seen.

LARCENY at ST LUKE’S SCHOOL:  Someone smashed out the right front window of a car and stole something worth more than $250 at 17533 Luke’s Street Place North.

BURGLARY:  Someone broke out a window of a townhouse and stole items from the 700 block of North 161st Place.

MENTAL COMPLAINTS:  A person was at the Safeway on 153rd and Aurora Ave.  This person was trespassed after making threats of wanting to be shot.

September 26

DRUNKEN RAGE:  A man made threats to kill his girlfriend in the 1500 block of NE 177th Street.  He was involuntarily admitted to Northwest Hospital.

LARCENY:  Someone(s) stole two expensive long boards worth over $250 from a carport in the 300 block of NW 199th.  A total of four long boards were present but it appears the culprits knew what they were doing as they left the less desirable items behind.

ENDANGERED CHILD:  Two women found a little boy who lived nearby the 2200 block of NE 200th Court.  They said the child was running across the road and was nearly hit by a motor vehicle.  The boy showed the officer where he lived.  Somehow, the boy escaped from the locked apartment unit.

THEFT OF ART:  Someone took a print and bowl from a framing business at 1436 NW Richmond Beach Rd.

AUTO THEFT at HOME DEPOT:  Someone stole a Toyota Camry form the parking lot of Home Depot at 1335 N 200th Street.

BURGLARY:  Someone broke a basement window from a home in the 18700 block of 2nd Ave NW.  The thief stole jewelry, electronics and oxycodone.

AUTO THEFT:  Someone stole a car from the front of a house in the 600 N 203rd Lane.

VANDALISM:  A culprit(s) tagged the restrooms; play toys, tables and benches at Richmond Highlands Park, 16554 Fremont Ave North.  Using a black pen, gold/red/black spray paint, the culprit(s) tagged: SUR X13, ROGUE MBK, DAIK MBK, 187 STOP KILLA, FAKTOR, SER, BOO, ROCK, ZEO and CREO.

September 27

FAMILY DISTURBANCE:  A son got angry with his parents after he was interrupted while playing video games.  The son kicked and bit his mom and dad.  This happened in the 19300 block of 2nd Ave NW.

MORE FAMILY DISTURBANCE:  A woman met her ex-boyfriend in the parking lot of Big 5 Sporting Goods in Shoreline Village, 1100 block of N 205th Street.  The woman was there to pick up their daughter when the man accused her of slamming the car door, cursing at her and calling her names.

September 28

BURGLARY AT 7TH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH:  Unknown persons pried open the rear door of the church at 17424 – 5th Ave NE.  They broke the door to the office and stole microphones from the sanctuary.

LARCENY AT SHORELINE COMMUNITY COLLEGE:  Someone took a wallet from a motor vehicle and used the credit cards to make withdrawals at US Bank.  The car was in a parking lot at 16101 Greenwood Ave.

LARCENY:  A man had his Iphone and wallet stolen from his locker at a gym in the 19200 block of Aurora Ave N.

September 29

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY:  Someone took a tank of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) from Shoreline Family Dentistry, 16300 Aurora Ave N.

LARCENY:  A victim in the 1100 block of N 180th Street parked his motorized skateboard against a tree in an open courtyard of an apartment complex. He was away for roughly four hours.  When he returned, the skateboard was gone.

HIT and RUN:  A man was driving with a suspended license when he was involved in a hit and run after he crashed a Lexus up an embankment at Shoreview Park, 900 Innis Arden Way.  The man also has outstanding misdemeanor warrants.


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