Shoreline Police Blotter: Man Passes Counterfeit $20 Bill To Girl Scout to Pay For Cookies

The following blotter items from March 9-March 17 and information on arrests were supplied by the Shoreline Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.

March 9

FIGHT: At Shorewood, during Culinary Arts class, male student challenged a female student to a fight while he apparently was sticking up for his friends girlfriend. The female student responded by throwing two chairs and a metal water bottle trying to hit him.

March 11

BURGLARY: A neighbor, a woman, her disabled neighbors home through a garage door and was caught in the act of stealing a chainsaw in the 14700 block of 32nd Ave. N.E. She was arrested and booked into King County Jail for investigation of residential burglary.

MAJOR SHOPLIFT AT HOME DEPOT: A suspect stole merchandise in separate incidents valued at $15,000 at Home Depot, 1335 N. 205th St., after exiting through a fire door to a waiting vehicle.

DRUNKENNESS: A woman at Drift on Inn, 16708 Aurora Ave. N., who was too intoxicated to care for herself was taken to detoxification at Northwest Hospital.

March 12

TRESPASS: A customer at Club Hollywood, 16716 Aurora Ave. N., was trepassed after ongoing drunken behavior and harrassing the staff.

CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE VIOLATION: A white woman dressed in tight jeans, high heels, an unzipped leather jacket, a large bag, and loose fitting shirt was found walking southbound on Whitman Ave. N. near 145th St. She was arrested on warrants, for loitering and drugs.

iPAD DISAPPEARS: A male student at Shorewood allowed a friend to borrow his iPad. Both of them forgot about it and left and when they returned it was gone.

BURGLARY: A woman left her house in the 1900 block of N.E. 176th Place to go to Costco and got a call from her alarm company that the alarm went off at 10:53 a.m. She left right away and went home, arriving at 11 a.m. The suspect went to the rear of the house, put a ladder against the short roof, climbed up and pried open a bathroom window and rasacked the upstairs. The alarm went off but there was no call to the police until the victim got home.

DRUG OVERDOSE: Someone overdosed on drugs in the 18800 block of 8th Ave. N.W. and possibly went into an excited delirium.

March 13

HOMELESS MAN TRESPASSED: A homeless man who was evicted from his apartment complex, the Woodview Apartments in the 20400 19th Ave. N.E., went back to sleep on a back deck of one of the units. He told a police officer that he keeps coming back because he has nowhere else to go.

KAYAK STOLEN: Someone stole a kayak from the north side of a house in the 20300 block of 5th N.W. The kayak is 18-feet long, with a yellow with black lines, a gray seatback.

MENTAL COMPLAINTS: A man on dialysis for diabetes and kidney failure who is a double amputee and wheelchair bound wanted to do some home projects and his wife told him no and he got upset thinking she had no faith in him. He threatened to kill himself and tried to get his machete.

March 14

CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: A teacher at Shorecrest observed unusual behavior by a student and after the student was searched marijuana and a knife were found the student's backpack.

BURGLARY: Someone broke a window next to the front door of a home in the 1800 block of N.E. 168th St. and reached in and opened the door.

March 15

VANDALISM: An e-mail with a picture enclosed was sent to all Shorecrest staff requesting that they help identify a tagger who was using pen and ink to tag the inside of Shorecrest with graffiti.

FORGERY: A fake $20 bill was found in a deposit at Wells Fargo Bank at 360 N.W. Richmond Beach Road.

AUTO THEFT: Someone stole a car from Rich's Car Corner in the 1604 Aurora Ave. N.

OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER: A person in the 14800 block of Greenwood Ave. N. was charged with obstructing an officer and possessing dangerous weapons, in this case a pair of brass knuckles.

MENTAL COMPLAINTS: A bi-polar meth user was suffering from paranoid delusions in the 400 block of N.E. 174th St.

DRUG OVERDOSE: Someone overdosed on heroin at his residence in the 20100 18th Ave. N.W.

March 16

AUTO THEFT: Someone reported that his Toyota Scion was stolen from his driveway in the 16500 block of 27th Ave. N.E.

FORGERY: A woman who was supervising a girl scout selling cookies at the Fred Meyer store on Aurora Ave. N. said a "scruffy-looking" white man about 25-years-old passed a counterfeit $20 bill to pay for them.

DRUNKENNESS: A drunk man found in Twin Ponds Park was transported to Harborview for detoxification.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: A drunk man walking down the middle of N. 155th St. blocking traffic resisted arrest and was tased before being taken into custody and booked into the Snohomish County Jail.

March 17

HEROIN OVERDOSE: Someone overdosed on heroin in the 100 block of N. 203rd St. and was transported to the hospital.

MENTAL COMPLAINTS: A person who is bi-polar, psychotic, developmentally disabled, obsessive-compulsive, attention deficit disordered and learning disabled and has drug-induced Parkinson's assaulted their roommate by pulling the roommate's hair.

WALLET STOLEN: A wallet was taken from an unattended classroom at Richmond Beach Congregational Church at 1512 N.W. 195th St.



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