Shoreline Police Blotter: Garden Pruner Used in Attempt to Steal Car

The following blotter items range from May 24, 2012 - May 30, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Shoreline Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.

MAY 24

ASSISTING SEATTLE POLICE DEPARTMENT:  Shoreline PD gave riot assistance to Seattle PD.  A suspect was identified and contacted nearby the 1100 block of N 80th Street.

MAY 26

LARCENY AT WHISTLE WORKWEAR:  A black female described as five foot three inches tall, in her 20’s, wearing a black hoodie and black stretch pants shoplifted items from the store at 15240 Aurora Ave N.

MAY 27

TRESPASSING AT WHITMAN PLAZA APARTMENTS:  A suspect entered a parking lot unlawfully with the intent to burglarize the apartment tenants in the 14800 block of Whitman Ave N.  The suspect had burglary tools, a stolen laptop and other stolen property.

MAY 28

VANDALISM:  A man in the 300 block of NW 185th Street who owns a 2001 Saab noticed his car tire was going flat.  He discovered a blade from a pair of scissors lodged inside the tire.

MAY 29

ASSAULT AT COLONIAL GARDENS:  An incident happened in the 15000 block of 15th Ave NE.  Two individuals have a child in common.  They live in separate apartments in the same complex.  They got into a dispute.  One person tried to cut the other person with a box cutter.

DAUGHTER ASSAULTS FATHER:  A daughter in the 19200 block of Richmond Beach Rd recently finished drug and alcohol treatment at Schick Shadel Hospital.  She had no other residence and has been living with her father.  During an argument she pushed her father.  This action is considered to be a fourth degree assault.

IDENTITY THEFT at TYEE APARTMENTS:  A woman in the 17200 block of Aurora Ave North received a bill from Comcast Cable for over $1,000 worth of cable services which she did not authorize.  A suspect opened an account using the victim’s name and other personal information.

FORGERY:  A woman in the 1300 block of N 180th Street found out from her bank that someone was making unauthorized ATM withdrawals from her banking account in locations such as Bellevue, Seattle, Fife and Auburn.

BURGLARY:  A suspect forced their way into a doggie door in the rear of a home in the 19900 block of Richmond Beach Rd to steal items from the home.

FOURTH DEGREE ASSAULT:  A person who lives in the 17500 block of Corliss Ave North broke a phone, a door and threw several things.  The person has been diagnosed as schizophrenic and takes prescriptions for their illness.

MAY 30

STOLEN PROPERTY:  A suspect was driving a vehicle without working headlights nearby the intersection of N 155th Street and Ashworth.  The police officer revealed upon investigation that the suspect had possession of a stolen credit card and other stolen property.

RUNAWAY/MISSING PERSON AT FOREST HILLS ESTATE:  A man who lives in the 1300 block of N 175th Street called his mother to say goodbye to her.  He told his mom that he couldn’t take it anymore.  The man has a past history of overdosing.

ATTEMPTED CAR THEFT:  A suspect in the 20400 block of 19th Ave NE used a garden pruner to tear apart a car ignition while trying to steal the vehicle.  The suspect did steal a wallet.

BOAT TRAILER STOLEN FROM SHELL STATION:  Someone stole a modified boat trailer from the Shell gas station in the 17200 block of Aurora Ave N.  The police believe the boat trailer was stolen for the value of the scrap metal.

BURGLARY:  A suspect broke a glass pane in the front entrance of a home and reached in to unlock a door.  The suspect stole items from the home in the 18300 block of 1st Avenue NE.

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY:  Someone picked a lock at the Public Storage, 20065 – 15th Ave NE.  This person stole items from the storage unit.

LARCENY:  A purse was stolen from an unlocked car in the 18300 block of Stone Avenue North.

LARCENY AT YMCA:  A suspect stole keys from an unlocked locker in the woman’s locker room at the YMCA, 19290 Aurora Ave North.  The suspect used the stolen keys to prowl the car.

TRESPASS:  A suspect was prowling around houses in the 19500 block of Burke Ave North with burglary tools.


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