Shoreline Police Blotter: Person who Suffers from Mental Illness Almost Hits Officer with Toilet Tank Lid

The following blotter items range from April 11, 2012 - April 15, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Shoreline Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.

April 11

LARCENY AT TOP FOOD:  A woman stole items from Top Food at 1201 N 175th Street.  She hid the items in her purse and pushed an employee before dropping the bags and fleeing on foot.

STOLEN BIKE:  A person told police that someone stole their bike in the 11000 block of NE 185th Street. The victim said that the bike was mounted on a rack on a SUV parked in their driveway.

VANDALISM AT ECHO LAKE APARTMENTS:  A sharp tool was used to slash three tires overnight as told to police by man in the 11000 block of N 198th Street.

STOLEN UN-PURCHASED BOOTS:  It was reported to police that a retail establishment in the 15700 block of Aurora Ave North was the site for theft of some boots.  A female put her own shoes in her purse and left the store with the new boots she did not pay for.

MAN STEALS PER OF JEANS FROM SEARS:  A loss prevention officer at Sears, 15711 Aurora Ave N, reported that a man put on a pair of jeans and left without paying.  He left behind some evidence:  A glass drug pipe in a coat pocket.

LARCENY:  A person reported that electronic equipment was stolen from the Payless Auto Sales lot in the 16200 block of Aurora Ave N. 

April 12

CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE VIOLATION:  A police officer observed something nearby The Whidbey Island Bank at 20333 Ballinger Way North.  The officer saw a man passed out behind the wheel of a car.  Nearby the man was an open briefcase with heroin and checkbooks in clear view. The vehicle was sealed pending a search warrant.

LARCENY AT YMCA:  A person reported that someone broke into a gym locker by cracking open a gun style lock.  The items stolen were in excess of $250.  This happened at 19290 Aurora Ave North.

MAIL THEFT:  Someone used a hand tool in the 18000 block of NE 171st Street to open an unlocked mailbox and leave in the mailbox on the street in front of the victim’s house.

LARCENY AT FRED MEYER:  A woman stole shampoo, nuts, cosmetics and magazines but pays for two bottles of water.  A woman concealed the aforementioned items from Fred Meyer at 18325 Aurora Ave N. The stolen items were valued under $52.

April 13

TRESPASS AT CENTRAL MARKET:  A person was attempting to sell food stamps at 15505 Westminster Way North.

MENTAL COMPLAINTS:  A mom in the 14800 block of Fremont Place North told police that her son did not take his medication and threw a set some keys at her head.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE:  A woman reported that her boyfriend assaulted her in the 14000 block of 200 Street.  The woman left once police were contacted and the man was booked into King County Jail.

April 14

ITEMS STOLEN FROM RESIDENCE:  A man in the 15000 block of NE 171st Street told police that a bicycle, chop saw and some other lawn care items were stolen nearby his shed.  The items are valued greater than $250. 

POSSIBLE CHILD ABUSE:  An ex-husband in the 19600 block of 19th Ave NE reported that his ex-wife slapped their son so hard that it caused the 8 year old son neck injury.

April 15

MENTAL COMPLAINTS:  A resident at Paramount House, 1750 NE 145th Street told police that a woman was yelling and banging on the walls of her apartment.  The woman tried to hit a police officer with a water tank lid from a toilet.


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