Shoplifting Team Steals From Walgreen’s

The following blotter items range from November 27, 2012 – November 28, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Shoreline Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.

On Tuesday, November 27th  two suspects entered the Walgreen’s Drug Store on 145th and Aurora Ave with the intent to steal items.  One of the individuals acted out loudly with rude behavior to draw attention to himself/herself while the second suspect filled a purse with never paid for cosmetics.  In the meantime, a third suspect remained in the get away vehicle.  This incident report filed by Officer Christopher Condie at approximately 11:30 a.m.

November 27

CRIMINAL WARRANT, MISDEMEANOR:  An individual in the 1500 block of NE 150th Street was booked into King County Jail because the person had two outstanding warrants.

FOURTH DEGREE ASSAULT:  A person was involved in a minor assault in the parking lot of North City Tavern (17554 - 5th Ave NE) and wants to assist in prosecution.

LARCENY:  A woman in the 15300 block of Ashworth Ave North parked and locked her vehicle inside a carport at roughly 6:30 p.m. on the previous night found her car broken into the next day.  Apparently, she had left her red wallet on the front passenger seat in plain view and a suspect broke out the passenger door window to grab the wallet.

LARCENY at SHOREWOOD HIGH SCHOOL:  One more iPad was stolen from a student during lunch.

MAIL THEFT:  A culprit opened a mailbox in the 1800 block of N. 157th Street and stole personal checks from a victim. The bank advised the victim that four checks were used fraudulently.

LARCENY:  A young woman stole items from Haggen Food Store at 1201 N 175th Street by concealing the items in her backpack.  A loss prevention officer at Haggen confirmed this information at around 4:50 p.m.

LARCENY at DESERET INDUSTRIES:  A victim’s daughter told police that the victim’s wallet was taken out of her mom’s purse while her mom was shopping at 17935 Aurora Ave North.  Subsequently, there was fraudulent use of two of the victim’s credit cards.

LARCENY:  A suspect broke a window of a car and stole a victim’s belongings from the 16500 block of 23rd Ave NE.

MENTAL COMPLAINTS: A person in the 900 block of N 198th Street was recently released from inpatient treatment but was involuntarily re-admitted.

PROSTITUTION, PIMPING:  A person was engaged in prostitution nearby the intersection of N 199th Street and Aurora Ave North and chose to lie to the police.  This incident report was filed a few minutes after 10 p.m.

LARCENY:  A suspect in the 14900 block of Whitman Ave broke a car window and stole items from the car.

November 28

SPEEDING & MORE:  A person was speeding in the 17700 block of 15th Ave NE around 2:20 a.m. when they were pulled over.  It was discovered that they were driving with a revoked license also.

LARCENY:  A woman in the 1800 block of N 199th Street is concerned because there have been previous vandalism and thefts of her vehicle.  Recently, unknown suspect(s) entered her unlocked car and stole items.  The woman believes she may be targeted for these crimes but declined to further the conversation with an officer.

LARCENY:  Another victim who is not willing to assist in prosecution was parked near the intersection of NW 195th Street and 5th Ave N.W.  The victim took note that her car was forcibly entered and a variety of items taken from the vehicle.  The crime happened sometime during the eight hours that the car was parked at the aforementioned intersection.

VANDALISM at OFFICE MAXX:  A suspect used spray paint to vandalize the men’s restroom at 1345 N. 205th Street.

VEHICLE LICENSE VIOLATIONS:  A person failed to transfer his title within 45 days.  This offense happened nearby the intersection of N 205th Street and Aurora Ave North.

BURGLARY, FORCED ENTRY:  A suspect entered a home in the 100 block of N 175th Street but takes nothing.

AUTO THEFT:  A culprit moved a car to the other side of the complex in the 2300 block of N 196th Place and stole gasoline.












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