Drunk Driver Arrested After Going 90 MPH in 45 MPH Zone

The following blotter items range from September 24, 2012-September 28, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Lake Forest Park Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.


On Sept. 30, a vehicle passed a police squad car at the speed of 90 M.P.H. in a 45 M.P.H. zone.  The police officer chased the reckless vehicle as the driver with a drunken passenger crossed five lanes of traffic and cut through a gas station before landing on Hamlin Road where the officer stopped the car. The driver smelled of intoxicants and was arrested there for reckless driving.  The driver refused to take the blood alcohol test.  The driver was transported and booked into Snohomish County Jail.  This arrest happened in the 17100 block of Hamlin Road N.E.

September 24

BURGLARY:  A burglary happened in the 16900 block of 35th Ave NE.  The police arrived at the scene at 1:47 p.m.

BURGLARY:  Another burglary happened in the 17000 block of 28th Ave NE.  LFP police arrived at 2:03 p.m.

BURGLARY:  A report of a burglary was called into the LFP police department.  The police arrived in the 17100 block of 33rd Ave NE close to 6:33 p.m.

UNWANTED PERSON:  There was a dispute over a $2 car part at Ballinger Estates.  A man who was more than likely on drugs knocked on a door after leaving a threatening message by phone.  The person who reported the incident did not want to cause waves with the landlord.  The person was told to call police if the man returned to the 2600 block of NE 195th Street.

ASSAULT:  There was a football party at 17425 Ballinger Way NE.  A man called after he left the party venue.  He said another man went crazy and assaulted him.  The man who went “crazy” also broke his girlfriend’s phone.  The man identified the crazy man.  He also confirmed there was a female who lived at the location.  The man who reported the incident spoke very fast.  He declined to come into the police department to file a report.  He mentioned he would come into the precinct the next day to report the assault.

September 25

911 CALL:  A man who was nearby the 19200 block of Ballinger Way NE reported that his girlfriend was psychotic and threatened to kill him.  He had a reckless endangerment conviction on his record so he did not want to give out his full name and information.  When the police arrived at the home, they found an older Asian female there who spoke little English.  The home is nearby SR-104.  It is possible that someone called 911 as they walked or drove by the area.

Related to the story above:  The man called again at roughly 7:30 p.m. and still would not give his exact location/address.  He stated that the female was back, had taken her pills and had a knife.  A foot patrol of the area nearby Ballinger Estates resulted in nothing seen or heard that was suspicious or out of the ordinary.

September 26

ATTEMPTED BURGLARY:  A woman in the 16200 block of Bothell Way NE reported that someone tried to break into her home.  However, they did not gain entry.

HAZARD:  A man in the 19400 block of 28th Ave NE reported that a group of men ripped off some cable lines.  The man believed the wires were live and was concerned for the safety of others walking nearby.  Comcast was advised and said they would send a truck out “right away.” 

September 27

ASSAULT:  An assault happened nearby 40th Ave NE and Ballinger Way NE.  The call came in about 7:45 a.m.

THEFT:  A grey goose was taken from 17171 Bothell Way NE. 

PEDDLE:  Two men in a red truck went door to door asking if residents wanted them to do work on their cars.  More than one person reported this case of unwanted solicitations in the 20300 block of 54th Lane NE.

September 28

BURGLARY: A man in the 3000 block of NE 166th Street reported that he left a door unlocked.  A laptop, iPad and cash were taken.

ANIMAL: A woman in the 18900 block of 45th Place NE reported that a male pit-bull was on the loose in the neighborhood.  Upon arrival, the police observed that the pit-bull was not aggressive and did not come towards the officer.  LFP Police stated that the dog did not appear to be a threat.  The officer contacted the woman to let her know about the recent meeting with the pit-bull.  The woman said she simply wanted LFP Police to be aware of the situation.

DRUNK:  A cab driver at Déjà Vu in the 14500 block of Bothell Way NE reported that a drunken man was acting up.  The drunken man eventually paid the fare for the cab but was refused entry at Déjà Vu. The man was given a courtesy ride to a 7-11 and told to get a cab back home to Kirkland.

September 29

DUI:  A 23 year-old man was stopped at The Civic Club at 17301 Beach Drive NE.  He blew a .208 level in the field.  The police found that he had a third driving with suspended license offense.  He was not able to give a breath sample so blood was drawn from the drunken man.  He was cited for a DUI after the blood test results were confirmed.

WARRANT:  Police found two men drinking alcohol in the park.  The alcohol was wrapped in a brown paper bag.  The two men identified themselves.  One of them had an outstanding warrant out of Seattle.  He was transferred to Seattle Police Department.

THEFT:  Two men entered a store at 17171 Bothell Way NE.  They stole many bottles of top shelf liquor.  The thieves’ get-away vehicle was parked by the creek, near Starbucks. An employee of the store replayed the video of the theft that happened the night before and wondered why the police were not called.  It was evident in the video that the license plate of the get-away vehicle was obscured or covered up.

September 30

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF:  A man in the 4900 block of NE 187th Street reported that someone egged his car.  The police advised the man that there was another egging incident on 190th and 35th.  They told him it was OK to clean off the remaining egg.  Thankfully, there was no damage to the man’s car.


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