Pimp Who Placed Ads on Backpage.com Discovered at Shoreline Motel

The following blotter items range from October 14, 2012 – October 16, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Shoreline Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.


On October 15th a pimp was using a room at a Shoreline motel as headquarters while he campaigned for and encouraged acts of prostitution on Backstage.com.  The motel is at 16526 Aurora Ave North.

October 14

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY:  Someone cut a hole in the fence and cut off locks to gain entrance to the Public Storage facility at 14900 Aurora Ave North.  Some storage units were entered also.

TRESPASS:  Man attempts to assault Walgreen’s manager by throwing wine bottles and leaves the store on foot. This happened at 14510 Aurora Ave North.

MENTAL COMPLAINTS:  Staff members of St. Luke’s Church at 322 N 175th Street alerted police to a man with mental issues who had climbed a tree and was hollering that someone was going after him.  Officers arrived to find a white male roughly 30 feet up in a tree.  The police officers also discovered the man had an outstanding warrant for a drug offense. 

ASSAULT:  One brother used a knife to stab another brother in the 600 block of N 180th Street.

October 15

MENTAL COMPLAINTS:  A woman in the 2000 block of 10th Ave NW recently broke up with her significant other.  When the relationship came to a halt, the woman made vague threats by email and on Facebook about possibly ending her life. 

LARCENY:  A man with an outstanding warrant led the loss prevention officers at Sears (15711 Aurora Ave N) on a wild goose chase.  The man was rewarded with a complimentary ride to jail.

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY:  Someone used bolt cutters to break locks at an apartment complex garage in the 19500 block of 25th Ave NE.  That person stole a motorcycle from the said garage.

ACCIDENTAL DRUG OVERDOSE:  A person on North 182nd street accidentally swallowed prescription pills.

MENTAL COMPLAINTS:  A person was found unconscious on the floor after consuming medication and wine.  The person was combative with police and fire professionals.  This person was involuntarily transported to Northwest Hospital from the 16700 block of Fremont Ave North.

LARCENY:  Three victims were parked near the Auto Shop and Daycare building at Shoreline Community College, 16601 Greenwood Ave.  Each victim found their car windows smashed with a hard, thin object and items stolen from their cars.

LARCENY AT YMCA:  A man placed his personal belongings in a locker at 19290 Aurora Ave North.  The man did not lock up his personal goods.  He discovered that someone lifted the items and left without his consent.

October 16

LARCENY at SHORELINE CC:  A woman left her purse under the front seat of her car while it was parked in the west parking lot at Shoreline Community College, 16101 Greenwood Ave.  Originally, the woman believed she had locked her car, however, she did a double take as there was no damage or forced entry to the vehicle.

VANDALISM at BALLINGER COMMONS:  Someone used a blunt instrument to smash a back passenger side window of a car that was parked in the 20100 block of Bagley Drive North.

TRESPASS: A man entered Starbucks at 608 NW Richmond Beach Road and began very loud arguments with the staff and customers inside the coffee shop.  This was a repeat performance as the man did the same thing in the previous week.  This time he was trespassed from the store.

POSSIBLE EMBEZZLEMENT:  A person has been a manager at Bucky’s Auto Repair (19805 Aurora Ave North) for five years.  During this time, multiple thefts from the business happened as well as from cars left in Bucky’s lot.  In this instance, the manager left with cash in a bank bag.  The cash deposits never made it to the bank.

LARCENY:  A man was arrested at Sears, 15711 Aurora Ave North, because he took off his old shoes, left them by the cash register and put on new shoes before leaving the store.  He did not pay for the shoes before exiting.

BURGLARY, FORCED ENTRY:  A pry tool was used to damage a window frame at a home in the 14500 block of 5th Ave NE.  Suspect(s) gained entry to the private residence and ransacked the place.

LARCENY:  A person was at Safeway on 153rd and Aurora Ave.  This person was caught shop lifting various items from the store.

LARCENY:   Richmond Beach Yoga is at 621 NW Richmond Beach Road.  Close to 9:30pm, a person smashed out a rear window of a car.  A coat and purse were stolen from the backseat of the vehicle.

Don October 23, 2012 at 05:05 PM
Sounds like his pimpmobile was out of action and the internet was a cheaper method to peddle his wares.
Lynn October 23, 2012 at 08:03 PM
Really. He's all pimped out now because his pimphole is the county jail. So much for pimpind, duxe!


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