UPDATE: Motorcyclist Killed After High-Speed Police Chase

A Shoreline police officer was chasing a speeding motorcyclist headed north on 15th Avenue Northeast when the motorcyclist crashed into a car.

A motorcylist died Friday afternoon when his motorcycle crashed following a high-speed chase, according to media reports.

According to KOMO News, the motorcyclist was headed north on 15th Avenue Northeast when he crashed into a car at Northeast 175th Street. The unidentified motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the car suffered minor injuries. 

King County Sheriff's Sgt. John Urquhart said the motorcycle was stolen, though police didn't know that at the time.

Urquhart said officers broke off the pursuit just before the crash occurred, KING 5 reported.

"We can start a pursuit for just about anything," Urquhart told KING 5. "The question becomes when do we terminate a pursuit, and the general rule of thumb is the pursuit is terminated when it becomes too dangerous to continue, and clearly that's what happened in this case."

The King County Major Accident Response and Reconstruction Team is conducting an investigation into the incident. 

An autopsy on the motorcyclist's body is pending by King County Medical Examiner.

joseph webb August 19, 2011 at 02:55 AM
thanks ricky,, kari , tiff, and kim thank u all.... life is from god ... we dont need to point fingers at no one !!! especially when there dead.... my 2 tours to iraq pssssss.... i seen enough people die,,, let justin rest ........ on a good note i pick a new bike up next week and every time i slap that helmet on im gonna think about justin and the burris family ,, matter in fact im getin the exact same model and color to dedicate to the family !!! i love bikes but human life has no price tag!!!!! yo JASON!!! MY BIKE IS GONE DO U SEE ME POINTEN FINGERS!!!???
teddy daniel September 02, 2011 at 11:17 AM
yo, justin was best friend out here on the streets... and when your out here, true friends are hard to come by. so therefore, to all of u who talk of justin as if u really knew him, which u didn't. don't be tryin to use his death as a way to feel cool or somethin. none of u had any idea of what he was going through within these last few months of his life. dope grabs ahold of us addicts and when i said us!!! i'm meaning me as well. so before u begin to talk bad on someone cuz of the way they lived there life, i'd shut the fuck up if i were u..... cuz you have no idea the hell and self imprisonment an addict will subconciously put themselves through... the constant depression, the lac of self worth, if justin could've just been able to make it just a little bit longer fightin off his own demons.... then this would've never happened. next time you find a family member, friend, or loved one suffering from addiction maybe you'll learn something from this tragic and unnecessary event and instead treatin a motherfucker like he's a piece of shit, u might want to take a more supportive approach and help them by all means to ensure that this doesnt happen to him/her!!!! R.I.P. justin.... your homie and friend for life teddy daniel!!!!
frank November 15, 2011 at 02:53 AM
i hope im alive when you die to call you names for anything bad you've ever done, i couldn't even do that, you are terrible, i could never be that insensitive about someone, especially someone so great, you don't even know him, what is the matter with you!!!!!!?????
kristina geyer December 09, 2011 at 01:55 PM
I didnt know justin all that long but long enough for him to leave his mark in my life and heart. He was a wonderful person with a long history of unfotunate circumstances...he came to me before i moved from everett to idaho and said, "kristy i think im going to idaho with u" i was sooo excited knowing he was facing yet some more unfortunate things he probably couldnt escape. He asked about getting an id in idaho so he could get a job and my reply was i am going this trip blind too but even if u cant obtain it ill give u a place to start over from. Hoping his biological father would be joining us later. Im not sure what made him stay and i wish i could have shoved him in my pocket and made him come with but he decided at the last minute to stay behind. I hugged him and told him please be careful. Not even a week after this conversation is when he left us and traveled his own path to heaven, i assume? He reached out for help but i couldnt make him go, if only?
The Duchess December 09, 2011 at 09:10 PM
TO: Moxie,Jason ,Jim etc: You feel for the driver of the car because he/she may or may not have unpleasant memories. The driver on the bike who lost his life you feel what resentment, anger ? I feel ashamed,embarrassed that people can leave thoughtless,stupid comments with no value at all on peoples situations they know nothing about. These people the accident all the pain and sorrow have nothing to do with you and will not make any difference in your sad empty life. Comments such as yours and others do not belong here. You have done nothing good in any way by posting them. What you have done is hurt a grieving family, and insulted a mans memory. You know nothing about him or anyone else involved. Grow up and step up to the art of being human. If any friend or relative of the people making said comments were to experience what this family is and has been going through. Comments so empty and worthless as these would be devasting to them as they are to this mans family. It is cowardly to hide in a public forum. Stand in front of his children or Parents and make your comments ! Never happen, why: Your all cowards of the worst kind. You have to destroy others to feel better and when it is a deceased person you have hit bottom.


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