LFP Police Blotter: Women Employed by Deja Vu Reports Three Men Stole Her Cell Phone

The following blotter items and information from Mar 5, 2012 through March 10, 2012 were selected from the Lake Forest Park Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction. Please note missing dates means nothing to report.

March 5

MISSING DAD:  A person in the 19000 block of 47th Pl NE reported that their father never made it to a doctor’s appointment and had not arrived home for several hours.  The dad did not have a cell phone.  Later that evening, the father showed up at home.

March 6

DÉJÀ VU:  A woman employed at Déjà Vu told police that three black males stole her cell phone.  The security camera did not capture the suspects on tape.

March 7

PLEASE DO NOT SOLICIT HERE: A person in the 17700 block of 28th Ave NE reported that a man was knocking on doors to offer tree cutting services.  Police gave the peddler a verbal warning.  Peddler agreed to stop.

NOISY NEIGHBORS:  A person in the 18900 block of Forest Park Dr. N.E. reported that loud music plays from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. daily. The police asked the woman if she was willing to assist in prosecution.  The woman declined.  She said she would speak to her landlord and make plans to move.

ARRESTED:  A driver nearby the 15000 block of Bothell Way NE was arrested by police for no insurance and failure to transfer the title of the car.

March 8

GRAFFITTI:  Nearby the 19500 block of 53rd Ave NE.  A construction foreman was documenting the graffiti. Police asked the foreman to submit a report but the foreman declined saying he would paint it over soon.

CONFUSION:  A woman in the 16700 block of 39th Ave NE was upset that she didn’t understand some paperwork served to her.  She believed that the police did not help her on the previous day.  There was no physical violence done to her by the man at the house.  She yelled at the man to pack up his things and leave.  The woman said she was leaving her house too because she feared for her life.  Later, she asked police to check in on her to see if she was all right.

March 9

BURGLARY:  A person who was the property owner in the 2900 block of NE 178th St reported that someone had kicked in the front door and damaged the doorframe of home.  The tenants had moved out and left behind numerous house items and trash.  The thermostat was pulled off the wall and damaged.

DRUNK MAN AT SHELL GAS STATION:  A man in the 16800 block of Bothell Way NE was found drunk in a bathroom after he fell.  The man had a hard time speaking. Police gave him a warning and asked him to leave the premise.  He did.

UNWANTED, HIGH PRESSURE SALESMEN:  A woman in the 17800 block of 40th Ave NE reported that two black men came to the door and used their race as a means to make her feel guilty for not buying items from them.  Both men had felony records out of Louisiana for VUCAS (Violation of Controlled Substance Act) and felony in possession of firearms.  They were warned of the city ordinance and left the area.

March 10

SUICIDE: Someone took his or her own life in the 19500 block of 40th Pl NE.

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF:  Homeowner in the 16700 block of 39th Ave NE and their son showed the police evidence of profanity spray painted on a their tree house.

THEFT:  A person in the 14800 block of Bothell Way NE had their car broken into.  Someone stole a GPS device and handbag.


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