LFP Police Blotter: Wife Locks Husband Out of the House

The following blotter items and information from Jan 21, 2012 through January 28 2012 were selected from the Lake Forest Park Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction. Please note missing dates means nothing to report.

January 21

DOMESTIC DISPUTE:  A wife on the 3400 block of NE 166th PL was very angry that her husband arrived home so late.  She expressed her anger in very colorful language. She told the husband to leave and locked him out of the house.  The husband found a ride to a friend’s home.

INTOXICATED PERSONS AT MCDONALDS:  An employee of Acacia near the 14900 block of Bothell Way NE reported that people were parked at McDonald’s.  The people were throwing things out of the car.  Police advised two drunk men to stop littering and not drive the car, just walk home.

January 22

WARRANT:  Officers found a woman nearby the 14500 block of Bothell Way NE.  Police confirmed that there was a warrant out for her arrest due to negligent driving.  She was advised to take care of her business in court the next day because King County authorities did not have the man/woman power to book the woman.

DISTURBANCE AT SHERIDAN BEACH APARTMENTS:  A person at 15530 Bothell Way NE advised police that neighbors were making a good deal of noise.  The landlord stated that this disturbance happens nightly. The person was encouraged to keep calling police and contacting the landlord if the noise continues.

January 23

THEFT:  A man in the 20400 block of 33rd Ave NE reported that he believes he knows who broke into his house. 

January 24

ROAD RAGE:  A person reported he was driving out of the LFP Town Center when he may have cut off another driver.  The other driver flipped him the bird as a response.  The man, who was flipped off, said his father works for LFP PD.  He was concerned the matter would get worse.  There was no physical impact to the cars.

January 25

DISTURBANCE:  A person at the Sheridan Heights apartments at 15020 Bothell Way NE said that she could hear screaming and thumping nearby but was not able to figure out where the noise came from.  Later, police found out that a neighbor with a wheelchair may have made the noises.

January 26

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF:  A woman in the 19700 block of 42nd Ave NE said that her mailbox was tampered with and damaged.

DAUGHTER WANTS DAD TO STAY AWAY:  A woman in the 19500 block of 40th Pl NE believed that her babysitter had a protection order against the babysitter’s father.  Police learned there was no formal order but the judge did tell Dad to stay away.

PEDDLING:  Two men in the 4900 block of NE 187th St had no permits to sell magazines.  They walked away after being told to leave.

January 27:  Nothing newsworthy to report.

January 28 

STOLEN CAR:  A person in the 2600 block of NE 195th Street observed a vehicle that later turned up to be stolen.

HOUSE DISTURBANCE:  Suspects took a car registration containing a victim’s residential address and garage door opener in the 3000 block of NE 163rd St.







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