LFP Police Blotter: Man Claims to be Son of Devil, Devil or Jesus

The following blotter items range from May 28, 2012 – June 3, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Lake Forest Park Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.

MAY 28

ANIMAL:  Homeowners in the 5300 block of NE 193rd Street said a loose pitbull dog charged at the homeowners when they arrived at home and chased them into their home.  The pitbull belongs to a neighbor.  The neighbor is aware of the hole in the fence and has not repaired it.  The neighbor said he would keep the pitbull inside his house until the fence is fixed.

MAY 29

DOMESTIC: A disturbance happened in the 15500 block of 35th Ave NE.  There was conflicting information given by both parties.  The woman said her boyfriend punched a hole in the wall and is trying to wean himself off heroin.  The boyfriend called and said that the couple got into an argument and his girlfriend became physical and attacked him. 

MAN CLAIMS TO BE THE DEVIL, SON OF THE DEVIL AND/OR JESUS:  The police were called to Third Place Books at 17171 Bothell Way NE.  A black man in his 20’s was moaning and an aid unit was called.  Later, the man was growling and hissing at the police officers claiming that he was the son of the devil, the devil and or Jesus.  The subject was detained in handcuffs and evaluated by medical personnel.

MAY 30

BOAT FIRE:  A man in the 14900 block of 37th Ave NE was working on his boat at an apartment complex when the boat caught fire.  The man confirmed that he was attempting to install a new starter and the electrical power was left on.

DOMESTIC:  A domestic situation happened in the 20200 block of 33rd Ave NE.  No further information was given.

MAY 31

THEFT:  A woman in the 3600 block of NE 155th Street reported that two laptops were stolen. The theft happened between 7:00 am and 12:30pm.

ASSAULT:  A man in the 14700 block of Edgewater Lane NE contacted a person working on the street.  The person said he was sweeping the side of street when the man came out to yell at him.  The man wanted to know how long the street would be blocked.  The man tripped over the sweeper’s broom and fell.


DOMESTIC:  A soon to be ex-wife called police because her soon to be ex-husband was blocking her vehicle and would not allow her to leave.  The husband has a white hummer and blocked the wife’s car.  Upon arrival the police found both people to be calm.  The husband was given papers about the dissolution of the marriage the previous night.  The wife was concerned due to the husband’s irrational and weird behavior.  The police spoke to both parties regarding appropriate behavior and what to do if anyone one of them was acting inappropriately.

ASSIST:  An 82 year old man in the 15500 block of 33rd Ave NE was having trouble breathing at an adult family home.  Brier police advised that the man has a history of suicidal threats per a caretaker.  The man was calm when police came to his aid.


TROUBLE AT WOODLAND NORTH APTS:  A man in the 3600 block of NE 155th Street said his girlfriend kept hitting him because she believed he cheated on her.  In addition, 911 dispatch overhead the girlfriend yelling in the background.  The boyfriend stated that his girlfriend poured beer over his head and locked him out of the apartment. The police found that both parties had been drinking.  One person was taken into custody according to police. The report did not say if the person taken into custody was a man or woman.


BURGLARY ?:  A man in the 3500 block of NE 148th Street said his neighbor broke into his residence and poisoned his dog.  The man told police that he came home to find his dog sitting with the neighbor.  The neighbor admitted letting the dog out of the man’s room.  The man said that the dog had been urinating on the floor the previous night, a new thing.  The dog is an 11-year-old husky with a huge open tumor on its anus.  The dog was put on new drugs last week.  The police advised the man to take his dog in to visit the vet for treatment and to call back if poisoning was diagnosed.  The man was very unhappy that no burglary report was taken.  He was unhappy to live next to his neighbor and unhappy that his neighbor said the dog would die.

CIVIL:  A woman in the 3500 block of NE 156th Street reported that her ex-husband was using the children to make her upset. As of 10:00pm he had not brought the kids back to her.  The police advised the woman to report the parenting plan violation to family court. 


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