LFP Police Blotter: Customer at Déja Vu Refuses to Pay Dancer

The following blotter items and information from Jan 30, 2012 through February 5, 2012 were selected from the Lake Forest Park Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction. Please note missing dates means nothing to report.

January 30

WARRANT:  Nearby the intersection of NE 178th St and 40th Ave NE, police advised a man to take care of his warrant.  Authorities advised the man and his friend (who is also male) to start walking because both people had suspended licenses.

January 31

OFF TO IMPOUND:  An abandoned vehicle nearby 15700 Bothell Way NE was found to have expired tabs over 45 days.  The car was towed and impounded.

February 1

BURGLARY:  A woman in the 18400 block of Ballinger Way NE reported that someone broke a window and took electronics from her home.

February 2

PIT BULLS ON THE RUN:  A man in the vicinity of 46th Ave NE and NE 195th St reported that two beige and white pit bulls were running loose.  He observed the dogs aggressively advance on a female neighbor who was walking her dog.  The pit bulls were contained and brought to PAWS.

ILLEGAL DUMPING:  A man in the 16900 block of 35th Ave NE reported that he took pictures of his neighbor dumping bark and tree branches on his property.  The police talked to his neighbor.

February 3 

BURGLARY:  A woman in the 19400 block of 49th Pl NE stated that her front door was forced open.  Someone stole some small jewelry items.

DOMESTIC DISPUTE:  A wife in the 3300 block of NE 202nd Street reported that her husband of many years took her purse and credit cards.  The husband was angry that his state money was deposited to the wrong place by a state agency.  The husband simply wanted to go to a hotel to avoid any additional problems.  When given some tobacco, he sat in the driveway and rolled his cigarettes.  This appeared to alleviate a good deal of stress.  The police believe this was not a domestic violence situation. 

February 4

DISTURBANCE AT DÉJÀ VU:  An employee of Déjà Vu at 14558 Bothell Way NE reported two Asian men (later confirmed to be Vietnamese) mouthing off and cussing at Déjà Vu employees.  The employee was concerned the men were going to start some fights.  The two men drove off to Lake City Way when police arrived.

PAN HANDLER AT LFP ALBERTSONS:  A female manager of Albertson’s asked the police to cite a female panhandler for trespassing due to constant problems.  The panhandler signed a trespassing warning in agreement.

February 5 

DÉJÀ VU COMMUNICATION DILEMMA:  An employee of Déjà Vu strip club reported that a customer would not pay for services rendered.  The dancer believed the man owed $140.  Upon further investigation, police found that there was miscommunication about the actual money owed.  The matter was resolved on scene.

SMALL POCKET KNIFE INCIDENT: A suspect who was hiding in the bushes near the home confronted a man in the 19300 block of 53rd Ave NE.  The man was on his way to work when the suspect sprang out wielding a small pocketknife.  The man was not impressed by the small knife but simply wanted to let police know what was going on in his neighborhood.

REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS RESIDE AT THE FOLLOWING NEIGHBORHOODS:  At least one time per year, police go visit these R.S.O. to confirm where they live, take current pictures and get a summary of each person’s current life status.  Some of these RSO have lived in LFP for many years; others are new to the neighborhood.


-      17800 block of 40th Ave NE

-      16500 block of 37th Ave NE

-      16300 block of 34th Ave NE

-      18900 block of Forest Park Dr NE

-      19500 block of 44th Ave NE

-      4500 block of NE 203rd Pl

-      2600 block of NE 195th Street 

-      3000 block of NE 201st Pl

-      20400 block of 30th Ave NE

-      20100 block of 53rd Ave NE

-      19500 block of 44th Ave NE

-      18200 block of Ballinger Way NE

-      19500 block of 53rd Ave NE


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