LFP Police Blotter: Airman and Gal Pal Caught in Midst of Hot, Sloppy Kiss on Valentine's Day

The following blotter items and information from Feb 13, 2012 through February 19, 2012 were selected from the Lake Forest Park Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction. Please note missing dates means nothing to report.


STOLEN RING:  A person arrived at the police station to report that a ring was stolen from the 18200 block of 47th Pl NE.

WARRANT, ARRESTED:  A person in the 17700 block of Ballinger Way NE poked his head out of a motor home to find officers ready and waiting to arrest him.  After a plethora of commotion inside the home, the man came out and was taken into custody.

THEFT OF GPS DEVICE:  Two cars were broken into nearby the 3300 block of NE 158th Street.  The only item taken was a GPS unit.


NO VALENTINE’S CANDY FOR CAR OWNERS:  Officers reported a fender bender nearby the 18200 block of Ballinger Way NE.  A small incident of road rage ended when Driver One crashed into the rear of Driver Two.  D1 received a ticket for negligent driving.  D2 was issued a ticket for no insurance. 

CUPID FROWNS ON LFP SUBWAY EMPLOYEE:  Mall security, shop owners, police and cupid were unhappy with someone at 17171 Bothell Way NE.  The person was arrested for criminal trespassing and graffiti.  The person worked for LFP Subway, he was fired on Feb. 15.

U.S.A.F. AIRMAN AND GAL PAL CAUGHT IN HOT, SLOPPY KISS ETC:  A police officer noted an extremely fogged up vehicle nearby the 19600 block of 47th Ave NE.  A spotlight enhanced the potentially X-rated incident.  The man and woman dressed quickly and left the area.  Neither human being lives in LFP.


STOLEN RAT TRAPS:  A man in the 19300 block of 49th Pl NE showed police the back yard area where he kept an expensive, $30, Eastside Terminator Rat Trap.  The man has lost two other rat traps similar to this one within a period of 60 days.  It is unknown whom or what may be taking these rat traps.

FRAUD:  A man who lives nearby the 4100 block of NE 203rd Pl reported that his son stole checks from him and had been cashing the checks out to the tune of over $5000.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE:  A man in the 19200 block of Forest Park Dr NE shoved and slapped his wife after engaging in a verbal argument with her.  The man admitted to striking his wife.  There is a history of domestic violence with this couple.


PROPERTY DAMAGE:  A person found damage to their home in the 18400 block of Ballinger Way NE.    Someone had bent the front side, window molding. New dirt, visible smudges appeared.  This was a repeat because the same thing happened on Feb. 1.

DRUNK MAN:  A highly intoxicated man was less than entertaining at The Ace Hardware store, 17171 Bothell Way NE.  His staggering and yelling rewarded him with a ride home to Kenmore by police.


PLEASE MAKE UP YOUR MIND:  A female called “E” resides at the 17400 block of Brookside Blvd NE.  “E” has a neighbor named “M.”  “E” has placed trespassing warnings on several occasions against “M.”  However, “E” can’t make up her mind and allows “M” to come around once in a while.  The police told “E” that if she wished to enforce the court order she would need to comply also.

CAR HITS MAILBOXES:  A person in the 16700 block of 39th Ave NE said they heard a loud noise.  An unoccupied vehicle hit some mailboxes nearby.  There was no one nearby the car. 


NOISE DISTURBANCE:  A person in the 18900 block of Forest Park Dr NE reported that there was loud drum-like racket coming from a neighbor’s house.  The noisemakers agreed to put a lid on it.


MORE NOISE REPORTED:  Neighbors nearby the 2800 block of NE 185th St reported loud music and talking from a nearby home.  The noisemakers were warned by police to keep it down.

ILLEGAL DUMPING:  Someone dumped trash, carpet, a vacuum, a baby seat and other junk on church property in the 20100 block of 45th Ave NE.  The suspect was driving a white van.  However, CCTV was not able to capture clearly the license plate of the van.

BAD DOGS, BAD DOG OWNER:  A man in the 19600 block of 47th Ave NE stated that he was jogging when two dogs chased him.  Both dogs were not on leashes.  The dog owner was volatile and told the jogger to “mind your own business.”  Police encouraged the man to keep calling 911 if he found other dogs running freely without a leash. 

BURGLARY AT HOUSE FOR SALE:  Someone broke through a front door window at the 4700 block of NE 178th.  The suspects stole over $3000 worth of bedding and pottery barn items.


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