LFP Blotter: Vodka, Strawberries and a Steep Hillside, Not a Good Mix

The following blotter items range from April 30, 2012 – May 6, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Lake Forest Park Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.

April 30

DRUNK EMPLOYEE at INGLEMOOR ANIMAL HOSPITAL:  The police spoke to a doctor in charge about an intoxicated employee at Inglemoor Animal Hospital.

SUSPICIOUS MAN STEALING U.S. MAIL:  The police followed a Red Celica from the 16000 block of 34th Ave NE after a wife was woken up by a loud noise.  Her husband tried to chase after the subject but the Red Celica was going far too fast for the husband to get the license plate.  The suspect took letters from the mailbox of the man and his wife. The neighbor’s mailbox was found open also.

FILE THIS UNDER “STRANGE:” Close to SR 522 and Bothell Way NE a cab driver noticed that a car had a gas hose hanging out of it at the LFP Shell Station. The cab driver removed the hose.  The subject told police that the hose belonged to Safeway.  The subject drove off without removing the hose.  The subject’s information was obtained and the gas hose returned to Safeway.

BURGLARY:  A man in the 3500 block of NE 195th Street told police that someone threw a rock at his window of his home.  The front door was unlocked (due to vagueness of police report, we are unsure if the door was left unlocked by the homeowner or the thief) and the incident happened between 10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.  It is unknown what was taken from the home but the homeowner found a black ski mask that did not belong to any occupants of the house.

May 1

ILLEGAL DUMP:  Someone left a small hot tub and other junk nearby Lyon Creek, close to the 20300 block of 37th Ave NE.  It happened within three to four days of this filing date.  The LFP Public Works department was alerted to pick up the garbage.

GRAFFITTI:  A fence was tagged within 48 hours of this filed report.  The fence was nearby the 17000 block of 25th Ave NE.  Photos were taken of the tagging.  The graffiti suggests that a local tagging group did the damage.  The homeowners cleaned up the fence.

MEAT PEDDLER:  A homeowner in the 2800 block of NE 183rd Street told police that a man in his mid 50’s of American Indian descent, wearing a veteran’s hat tried to sell him food and meat.  The suspect was driving a small (model unknown) white pick-up truck with a canopy.

BURGLARY:  A man in the 18900 block of Forest Park Dr NE said someone broke a window at his home.  The man had been gone all day.  At the time the report was filed, it was unknown what was taken from the house.  No further information was given.

May 2

MORE GRAFFITI:  More reports of graffiti occurring at the:

 -          18700 block of 35th Ave NE

-          17200 block of Bothell Way NE

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE:  A female in the 19200 block of 40th Pl NE was crying when she called police.  She said that her boyfriend (who had been drinking) attacked her.  During the phone call, she reported that the boyfriend was still in the basement of the home.  She stated that he hit her with his elbow and that he had assaulted her before.  She told the boyfriend that she was getting ready to sell her house and he would have to find another place to live.  This upset the boyfriend and he initiated the assault.

MORE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE:  Something happened in the 16700 block of 39th Ave NE.  No further information was given.

May 3

EVIDENCE OF STOLEN (?) U.S. MAIL:  The police responded to the 4400 block of NE 178th Street after some people reported that they saw U.S. Mail lying in the street.  The mail belongs to homes and/or businesses in Tukwila.  The mail was transferred to the police station and dried out.  All the mail had been opened.

CASING THE NEIGHBORHOOD:  A homeowner in the 15600 block of 37th Ave NE reported that there was a subject casing the neighborhood with possible intent to burglarize. The suspect was best described as a mixed-race male with a nose ring, wearing a beanie cap, 25-30 years old.  At last sight, he was seen wearing an olive colored jacket and jeans.

THEFT AT CURVES HEALTH CLUB:  A purse was stolen from 17171 Bothell Way NE.  The purse was taken from an open area cubby sometime between 9:45 am and 10:15am.  Taken with the purse was a wallet, credit cards, checkbook, keys, driver’s license and over $80 cash.

TWO BOTTLES OF VODKA, STRAWBERRIES AND A STEEP HILLSIDE = NOT A GOOD MIX:  On the south side of a complex in the 3600 block of NE 155th Street, police found an unusual sight.  A drunken man was stumbling and falling as he attempted to traverse a steep hillside. He was described as a white, heavyset male in his 40’s about 6 feet tall, wearing a hoodie and jeans.  He was closest to the corner Woodland N and NE 153rd Street when he lay sprawled out on the ground.  The police helped him get to safety.

May 4

MISCOMMUNICATION AT DÉJÀ VU:  A cab driver called the police to say that a female that he dropped off at the strip club refused to pay her cab fare.  The female (possibly an employee) went inside Déjà vu and asked the doorman to loan her money to pay the cab driver.

May 5

TROUBLE AT BALATON CONDOS:  A man in the 19200 block of Forest Park Drive NE told police that he heard a very loud bang outside his home.  He believes his female neighbor hit the parking post that separates his car from hers. 

May 6

DISTURBANCE:  A woman was moving out of a residence in the 3600 block of NE 155th Street.  A man who lived in the home told police that the woman’s friends threatened to hurt him and other roommates if they tried to stop the woman from taking her personal belongings.  When the police arrived it became a peaceful move-out.

GRAFFITTI:  Sadly, more tagging reported in the 3800 block of NE 155th Pl NE.


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