Indecent Exposure: Man Shakes Genitals at Person

The following blotter items range from October 30, 2012 – November 6, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Shoreline Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.


On Sunday, November 4th, at approximately 6:00pm, a man shook his genitals at a person outside of a motor vehicle. This happened on a public roadway nearby the intersection of N 160th Street and Linden Ave North.  The man was described as a white male in his 40’s, about 6’2” in height, balding with a heavy build.  He was wearing a zip up sweater and khakis.  He was last seen driving a brand new black Volvo SW.

October 30

LARCENY:  A young man was in the library of Shorecrest High School when he set his Iphone down to pick up printed materials from the library.  The Iphone was stolen from the counter of the library and the suspect is currently using the stolen property.  The incident happened close to 11:30 a.m.

November 3

TRESPASS:  A drunken man walked into The McDonald’s at 15201 Aurora Ave North.  According to police reports, he was “full of hate and discontent.”  When the drunken man was not able to master the ketchup dispenser, he lost it.  The man went into a tirade that included verbal obscenities and prompted the witness to call 911 dispatchers.  The police officers helped to remove the man from The McDonald’s.

FAMILY DISTURBANCE:  A mother and daughter were in a heated argument in the 14800 block of Greenwood Ave.  It escalated into a shoving match between the two.  The incident happened close to 9:00p.m.

November 4

FORGERY:  An elderly woman (the victim) lives in the  Park Ridge Nursing Center in the 1200 block of NE 145th Street. The woman’s son (Person B) and son’s girlfriend (Person C) called police to report that a suspect (another adult woman, Person D) wrote and signed checks that belonged to the victim.  The suspect also used the victim’s debit card to buy items and refused to give information about a storage unit where the victim’s property is being held.  The victim’s son (Person B) used to date the suspect (Person D.)

November 5

VANDALISM:  Suspects threw eggs at a front door of a home in the 2200 block of NE 170th Street.  They also smashed a pumpkin in the driveway of the residence.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES:  A person was driving southbound on I-5 and exited at NE 175th when the person spotted a white man about 25 years old, 6 feet 2 inches in height, dressed in black with tattoos and chains.  The man was taking campaign signs out of the ground and putting them in the woods.  The man picked up the “Vote NO on R-74” signs that opposed gay marriage.

$85K FRAUD:  A man (victim) in the 20300 block of 15th Ave NE was called on the telephone by a bank manager from Chase Bank.  The bank manager wanted to verify a bank transfer of $85,665.00 from the man’s checking account to another bank account at another bank.  The victim did not authorize this transaction and had no knowledge this was happening until he received the phone call.

BURGLARY, FORCED ENTRY:  Someone used an unknown tool to force their way into a home in the 20300 block of 19th Ave NE via the front door.

FRAUD:  The Tool Doctor (victim) in the 19500 block of Fremont Ave North did some work for Trinity Framing and Flooring (suspect).  The suspect wrote a check for $2,251.44.  The victim went to deposit the check and found out that the check would not clear due to non-sufficient funds (N.S.F.)

FOURTH DEGREE ASSAULT:  A call came into 911 dispatchers at close to 3:00pm about an occurrence at Aurora Village Transit Center, 1524 N 200th Street. A juvenile girl (Person A) is a student at Scriber Lake School.  Person A goes to school with a girl named Person B.  A and B dated for a few weeks but broke up a while ago.  Person C (another young girl) goes to school with both A and B.  The three were involved in a hair pulling and scratching incident.

LARCENY at FOOD LIFELINE:  Unknown suspect(s) broke into a rear window of a parked truck to access the interior lock.  Once inside the truck, the suspect(s) stole a flashlight and 9mm pistol from the victim’s truck, which was stationary at 1702 NE 150th Street.

VANDALISM:  A man lives with his daughter in the 15500 block of Interlake Ave North.  Sometime during the night, suspect(s) opened the gas caps of their cars and added something to the gas.  The man and his daughter found the gas caps open when they woke in the morning.

LARCENY at DRIFT ON INN CASINO:  A man stole $20 to $40 worth of gaming chips after he lost his hand at blackjack.  The man lost his bet at 16708 Aurora Ave N.

November 6

ASSAULT and THREATS:  A person assaulted his/her mother in the 14500 block of Ashworth Ave North and threatened to kill the mom.

AUTO THEFT:  A man in the 16800 block of 11th Place NE parked his car on the street in front of his house.  When he went out the next morning close to 6:00am, the Honda Civic was gone. 

ANOTHER STOLEN HONDA CIVIC:  A man in the 17400 block of Ashworth Ave North parked his car in the assigned covered parking stall of his apartment building.  He locked and secured his vehicle.  When he went out to use the car the next morning, the car had vanished.

ANOTHER CASE of ELDER FRAUD:  Adult Protect Services reports an alleged case of financial abuse against an elderly person in the 2800 block of NE 145th Street.

LARCENY of THREE “I’s”:  A girl at Shorewood High School is without her Ipad, Iphone 4S and Ipod touch. The Ipad was stolen from her and the Iphone and Ipod are missing.

LARCENY:  A victim left his/her car doors unlocked.  Items were taken from the car in the 16700 block of Whitman Ave North.  The victim was not willing to assist in prosecution.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON:  An elderly man who lives in the 14500 block of 30th Ave North had his wallet stolen by someone who posed as a handyman.










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