UPDATE: Former Student Threatened to Blow Up Shoreline CC

The following blotter items range from September 13, 2012 – September 17, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Shoreline Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.


On September 13th, a former student from Shoreline Community College who has mental health issues threatened to “blow up the school with dynamite.” The former student left this phone message for the college at 16101 Greenwood Ave.

“Obviously, the college takes such incidents very seriously,” said college spokesman Jim Hills.

In this case, the employee immediately reported receiving the message to campus security personnel, who then immediately notified the Shoreline Police Department and submitted a report. The person leaving the message was a former student known to college officials  and police and has a history of making threatening statements. The details of this incident were reviewed by college officials and police and it was quickly determined that no immediate action was required, Hills said.

September 13

BURGLARY:  A house under construction in the 16000 block of 26th Ave NE had multiple points of entry for someone to steal electrical tools.  It was a simple walk in or climb in job.

BURGLARY:  Someone kicked in the front door of a home in the 15300 block of 27th Ave NE and took items.

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT:  A man in the 15200 block of Aurora Avenue North assaulted his ex-girlfriend.  He punched, kicked, bit, used strangulation methods while threatening to kill her with a knife.  The man was booked into jail.

BURGLARY AT SEATTLE GRACE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH:  Someone pried open a door and went directly into the area where drum symbols and microphones are kept.  The person may have left their backpack at the scene. 

September 14

AUTO THEFT:  Someone stole a car from a driveway in the 17700 block of 17th Ave NW.

ATTEMPTED BURGLARY:  Unknown persons tried to force open a front door of a business at 16037 Aurora Ave North.

AUTO THEFT:  Someone stole a Subaru Legacy from the side of the road in 1000 block of N 192nd Street.

September 15

HIGHWAY ROBBERY:  Someone grabbed a victim by the throat and stole an Ipad.  The suspect also showed a gun but did not use it to obtain the Ipad.  This happened in the 2200 block of NE 201st Court.

September 16

LARCENY AT SHARI’S RESTAURANT:  Someone or some people dined and dashed at 15252 Aurora Ave North.

RAPE:  Someone went through a door on the east side of a home in the 1000 block of NE 175th Street and raped a woman.

VANDALISM:  A juvenile, white male smashed out the driver side mirrors of two cars in the Fred Meyer parking lot at 18325 Aurora Ave North.  The Jack in the Box staff told police that a person matching the above description was seen in the area that morning.

CRIMINAL WARRANT, MISDEMEANOR:  A citizen reported an aggressive panhandler outside the Walgreen’s at 14510 Aurora Ave North.   The panhandler fled on foot after being confronted by police.

BURGLARY:  Someone walked into an unlocked balcony slider door and stole items in the 20200 block of 20th Ave NW.

ANIMAL PROBLEMS: A dog that was on a leash in the Richmond Beach area, 15400 block of 1st Ave NE, bit one dog that was off leash.

September 17

ATTEMPTED BURGLARY OF OCCUPIED RESIDENCE:  Sometime during the night, unknown person(s) cut an outer screen door at a private residence in the 300 block of N 155th Street.  They tried to get into the home while a man and his wife were asleep but were unable to enter the locked slider door.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES:  Some neighbors who live in an apartment complex had an argument.  One neighbor more than likely let out the air of a scooter tire of the other neighbor. This happened in the 14500 block of Phinney Ave North.

STOLEN BICYCLE, RECOVERED:  A person who was robbed of their bike was able to find it at a local pawnshop, 17010 Aurora Ave N.

JUVENILE DISTURBANCE:  A young person got mad in the 19300 block of 2nd Ave NW.  This person hit their mom and kicked dad.


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