Faced With Arrest, Déja Vu Customer Pays Money Owed Dancer

The following blotter items range from November 26, 2012 – Dec. 2, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Lake Forest Park Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.

On Dec. 1, the manager at Déja Vu strip club, in the 14500 block of Bothell Way N.E, called police to report a male customer was causing a disturbance and refused to leave and owed one of the dancers' money. The man chose to pay the $198 bill and depart instead of being arrested.

Nov. 26

BURGLARY: A couple in the 16500 block of 34th Ave. N.E. returned home from vacation to find that someone cut the padlock of a storage pod and stole assorted items including a new sink, a new cabinet and some used electronic sound system components. No one had permission to enter the storage pod and take, use or possess any of the contents. They noted the theft on Nov. 20 but elected not to make a report to police until Nov. 26.

TRAFFIC ACCIDENT: A 77-year old man in tan Mercedes was stopped behind a silver Hyundai Elantra driven by a 38-year-old woman when a black Honda Accord driven by a 19-year-old man approached from behind and hit the Mercedes and knocked it into the Hyundai. The 19-year-old driver of the Accord left before police arrived.

Nov. 27

SPEEDING NEIGHBOR: A woman in the 16000 block of 33rd Ave. N.E. complained that a male neighbor driving a Dodge Durango speeds up and down 33rd Ave when he comes home between 3 and 4 p.m. each day. The male neighbor has disregarded requests to slow down. The police said they would attempt to put an extra patrol on the street.

FECES LEFT ON PROPERTY: A woman living in the 5100 block of N.E. 188th St. and her ex-husband who lives in the 18600 block of 1st Place N.E. in LFP have been having bags of feces in Albertson's grocery bags being left on their respective properties in places not generally accessible to the public. Both parties said they are friends, have no enemies and work for the same employer but in different locations. They don't think it's anyone from work. 

STOLEN PACKAGE: A neighbor in the 5000 block of N.E. 188th St. told police that an old orange van pulled up to a house on the block and two females got out and grabbed a package on the front door step. The man who lives at the house verified he's been expecting several packages and no one in an orange van or the description of the two females had permission to take the package.

Nov. 28

PHISHING: A man in the 16000 block of 35th Ave. N.E. reported he was the victim of a phishing scam. A Web site claiming to be Chase Bank sent an e-mail wanting information regarding the account. The man later realized he gave too much information. While police were talking to the man, Chase contacted him via phone. A transaction at Western Union in Missouri was pending and flagged for fraud. The transaction was denied. No damages occurred but will be documented for the high likelihood of theft.

NO-CONTACT ORDER VIOLATION: A woman who lives in the 17000 block of Ballinger Way N.E. came to the police department to file a no-contact order violation. A man violated the order by sending her mail from jail through a third party. Another inmate sent a letter saying he is "very sorry and still loves her," and asked her to contact the man as soon as possible because he is very depressed. The woman believes the letter may been written by the man and signed by the other inmate.

Dec. 1

LOOSE DOGS: A man reported that while he was walking his dog in the 15000 block of 37th Ave. N.E. when two German Shepards charged his dog. He said the dogs belonged to a person running a Christmas tree lot nearby and that the he had warned the owner in prior years. Police contacted the owner of the tree lot and he recalled the incident from earlier in the day. He said he was not aware his dogs "Buster," a German Shepard or "Elsa," a Shepard/Husky mix, had left the tree lot. The officer warned him that the dogs must remain on the tree lot property or otherwise would be considered "at large" and subject to leash law.

Dec. 2

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF: Someone completely painted over a "Road Closed" sign in the 5400 block of N.E. 178th St. A photo was taken by an officer and a repair request was forwarded to Public Works.


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