Drunk Driver Strikes Victim's Car Twice at LFP Mall

The following blotter items range from September 10, 2012-September 16, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Lake Forest Park Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.

On Sept. 16,  a victim/driver was going eastbound on NE 145th Street (nearest cross street Bothell Way NE) when a green mini-van started to follow the victim for unknown reasons.  The victim called 911 and was instructed to drive to a public place.  The victim drove to LFP Mall and stopped.  While parked, the victim was hit two times by the mini-van.  The mini van driver had been drinking and blew a .221 in the field and .18 at the police station.  The drunk driver was processed and released with a citation and court date. 

September 10

FAMILY DISTURBANCE:  A verbal dispute happened in the 3300 block of NE 163rd Street.  A 23-year-old brother, “M” locked out his sister, “A” while another sibling “S” was inside the residence.  “M” had thrown “A’s” purse outside the house and would not let her in.  Police found out “M” had an outstanding warrant from Ellensburg and took “M” into custody.

BURGLARY:  A neighbor told police that a burglary happened in the 15500 block of 33rd Ave NE.

September 11

BURGLARY:  This crime happened in the 18600 block of 22nd Place NE.

September 12

MOTOR VEHICLE PROWL:  Someone rummaged through the glove boxes of a car parked in the 3800 block of NE 145th Street.  It is unknown what was taken.

September 13

WELFARE CHECK:  A female was found in her vehicle crying and screaming in the 3600 block of NE 155th Street.  She was parked nearby her residence.  When police were present, she started growling at herself and threw some shoes out of the car. 

CITIZEN:  A woman in the 17400 block of Ballinger Way NE wanted divorce papers and a temporary protection order served to a man as well as seizure of a gun from the home.  The woman had been to the King County civil unit but believed the KC unit would not do the aforementioned soon enough.  LFP Police advised the woman that they did not serve civil paperwork.  The police were advised they could arrest the man and remove all weapons if the man refused to turn the weapons over.

September 14

MOTOR VEHICLE RECOVERY:  A father took back his car from his daughter in the parking lot of LFP Mall, 17171 Bothell Way NE.

THEFT:  This happened at LFP Mall, however, all details of the story were redacted (white out) by LFP Police Department.

THEFT:  A theft happened at the Albertson’s, 17171 Bothell Way, according to the grocery manager.  Some people stole ice cream bars, toothbrushes and other random things.  One person was taken into custody.

September 15

GRAFFITTI:  Someone put graffiti on the north side of Rapid Rudy’s in the 14700 block of Bothell Way NE.  It said, “EASY MDP’s.”

CITIZEN:  The police found a Mercedes in the 3400 block of NE 147th Street.  The car had extensive front-end collision and fire damage.  There was debris nearby but no skid marks.  Photos were taken at the scene. 

CIVIL:   A man in the 19000 block of 47th Pl NE surrendered 18 miscellaneous hand guns and rifles.  All the guns were cataloged, tagged and secured.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES:  A man in the 16300 block of 34th Ave NE has had a series of misfortune.  Most recently, a t-shirt was found nearby his bushes that read:  “Life is so short but death is so long.”  A few months ago, balloons filled with mud were thrown at his house.  The man thinks the series of bad happenings could be related to his son-in-law’s divorce, a granddaughter’s ex-boyfriend or angry neighbors.  The neighbors may have splashed water and poisoned some roses and or threw the muddy water balloons at his house.  The man wanted police to record the incident(s).  

September 16

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES:  Two incidences that may be related to each other.  People were sleeping overnight before the LFP Farmer’s Market opens.  They slept in the LFP Mall area and a nearby park.  They were asked to leave the park when it closed.

Maggie September 22, 2012 at 02:53 PM
stay out of Shorline
Tu-Ha Nguyen September 22, 2012 at 08:06 PM
@ Maggie: Easy to say, however, we are connected as human beings because we live on this earth. While the police blotter for Shoreline is a good representation of documented information (bad things) about a small fraction of "going-ons" in Shoreline, it does not represent all the GOOD things that happen in the city. Shoreline is a good place with good people. There is a great deal of commerce, volunteer groups, schools and more that betters the lives of all. There are beautiful parks and parts of the city is situated nearby The Puget Sound. Unfortunately, it is a common observation that most people's attention tends to be grabbed by outlandish events...
Cecelia Dinsdale December 07, 2012 at 02:26 AM
I would agree with Tu-Ha Nguyen, I have found it extremely troubling to see and hear the reports of out of control behavior by a few younger people who feel they are entitled to be as rude, destructive and abusive as they wish to be simply because they exist. You do not represent the rest of us. Please leave, go back to where you came from. It is for certain that you are not welcome in our community. C.Dinsdale Shoreline,


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