Bunker Standoff Over, Constantine Thanks Deputies for Tracking Down Accused Killer

Peter Keller's body was discovered in a bunker Saturday.

King County Executive Dow Constantine commended sheriff’s deputies for their work tracking down double homicide suspect Peter Keller.

In a statement released Saturday afternoon, Constantine said that he was grateful that, thanks to the work of the King County Sherrif's Office, the standoff between Keller and law enforcement didn't end as violently as it could have.

“King County employees have dealt with heartbreaking tragedy in this case," said Constantine. "Starting first with the murder of two innocent victims found by first responders and sheriff’s deputies and later confirmed by King County Medical Examiner staff."

Keller, a 41-year-old survivalist, is believed to have set his home on fire, after murdering his wife and daughter.

Deputies found a body, that they believe to be Keller's, in a heavily protected, well hidden bunker, after using explosives to gain entry at the end of a 23-hour standoff. The body appeared to have suffered from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Detectives believe that Keller had been building the bunker, on Rattlesnake Ridge Trail outside of North Bend, for at least eight years.

The King County Medical Examiner’s Office will conduct an investigation to determine actual cause of death and positively identify the body.

Constantine also expressed his gratitude to the SPD SWAT Team, who worked with King County deputies, braving hypothermia and dehydration to uncover the murder suspect.

“I am thankful that King County deputies are home safe tonight," Constantine said. "And that further tragedy has been prevented by their diligence and good work.”

Anne May 02, 2012 at 02:06 AM
Sad but glad to know that this story is resolved.


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